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kostgar's latest activity

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    Leon, I used to have 1/2" plexiglass shelves but they all sagged in the middle after only a couple of years and each shelf held no more...
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    kostgar replied to the thread curious shard.
    Marty, some spots off Long Island are littered with bottles, and over the years I found quite a few sodas, beers, meds, flasks etc., so...
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    kostgar replied to the thread curious shard.
    Hi Marty, Yes, I'm in New York. My bottles come from the ocean and I know this spot is old - I pulled a lot of cool bottles out of...
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    Hello, Well, I found a couple of criers today as well. The first was a bottom part of a blue pony bottle. Beautiful color. And the came...
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    kostgar replied to the thread Schomburg & Co.
    Thank you, I especially like the way it feels in the hand. it does look very similar to Gilka. Search for Gilka produced a lot of...
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    Hello everyone, Whoever went to Baltimore Bottle show yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it. It was nice to chat with some of you and find a...
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