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Recent content by kostgar

  1. K

    Bitters & others in different colors.

    Leon, I used to have 1/2" plexiglass shelves but they all sagged in the middle after only a couple of years and each shelf held no more than 15 bottles. I thought I made a mistake and should have opted for 1" but the guy who cut those for me said the result would have been the same, maybe less...
  2. K

    curious shard

    Marty, some spots off Long Island are littered with bottles, and over the years I found quite a few sodas, beers, meds, flasks etc., so just to limit myself to square ones, here are two bottles that were found a few years ago in close proximity to the spot where I found the shard yesterday: a 7"...
  3. K

    curious shard

    Hi Marty, Yes, I'm in New York. My bottles come from the ocean and I know this spot is old - I pulled a lot of cool bottles out of there. The bottle does look German (or Dutch?), I'm hoping someone saw one before.
  4. K

    curious shard

    Hello, Well, I found a couple of criers today as well. The first was a bottom part of a blue pony bottle. Beautiful color. And the came this: a square bottle with weak embossing on one of the two remaining sides as follows: ...EKER ...TENDORF (or ...TENDORP?) ...RINGEN Has anyone came...
  5. K

    Schomburg & Co

    Thank you, I especially like the way it feels in the hand. it does look very similar to Gilka. Search for Gilka produced a lot of pictures but nothing for Schomburg. I guess less successful means fewer bottles.
  6. K

    Schomburg & Co

    Hello everyone, Whoever went to Baltimore Bottle show yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it. It was nice to chat with some of you and find a few nice bottles for my NYC collection. This piece was found in a box under a table and for a few bucks I couldn't miss it. Never saw this one and a quick...
  7. K

    Anyone know what this is ?

    Just an idea - a Stilton cheese container.
  8. K

    Pure Newfoundland cod liver oil

    Hello, Pulled this shard from the ocean yesterday. Had embossing on sides as well, smooth base. How unlucky was I? Was it common?
  9. K

    Brooklyn Blobtop Beer Bottle (H. THIMIC)

    Here's another variant from my collection of Brooklyn bottles. Bold embossing clearly shows 'G' but the letter doesn't have the horizontal bar so it's easy to confuse it with 'C' if embossing is not so good. I have several other bottles that say 'Bier'.
  10. K

    Small flask

    Hello, This came from the ocean yesterday. Lots of bubbles, crudely applied lip. Strange that is says 3OL on the bottom yet holds 5oz (150ml). First of this kind for me. What did it contain?
  11. K

    how old is this Bacardi?

    Hello, Looks crude, the seam on one side is quite off. Top is missing...
  12. K

    Gordon's Gin maybe?

    This was actually a machine-made bottle from 1941, where 18 is the number of a plant of Diamond Glass Co. See, in particular, page 7 of the the following link: https://sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/Diamond.pdf
  13. K

    Found this metal thing in the ocean. What is it?

    Thank you, it didn't cross my mind but I agree
  14. K

    reaper or harvester figurine

    Hello, This came from the same area as the previous item. The guy was most likely holding a scythe. There is also a stand but no marking on that either. The figurine is about 12" tall. Any ideas? Age? Thanks!
  15. K

    Found this metal thing in the ocean. What is it?

    Hello, This was found in the ocean, not far from the shore, in the area which produces 1890s and younger bottles. It says on both sides PAGE 15 P 4 1/2 AL Thank you everyone. Konstantin

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