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    Early nyc beverage bottles

    All Brooklyn blobs. I stopped buying late blobs from other boroughs for lack of space but I keep any blobs I find - my bottles come from the ocean. By saying I have most of them I meant I have 4 out of 7 in the picture, not most of the NYC blobs - that would be an insane number of bottles to...
  2. K

    Early nyc beverage bottles

    Bottles_inc, sorry for a belated response. No, I haven't seen M. B. & Co in green. I believe I only saw it in aqua with a regular top. I'm not sure what M. B. stands for, the only name that comes to mind is M. Batelle but they were in Brooklyn. Another company listed at 145 W 35 st is Walsh &...
  3. K

    Early nyc beverage bottles

    Love those! I collect NYC blobs, have most of them but I haven't seen John Cab (?), neither with sideways embossing nor the one which says 1848. What is the embossing on these two? Thank you!
  4. K

    Black Glass Miniature

    I found only one and it was >15 years ago. Mine is 4 3/4" tall and 1 1/2" in diameter.
  5. K

    The anchor bottling works hutch bottle

    I thought I'd chime in: Ron is super-responsive and a pleasure to communicate with.
  6. K

    Selling Collection Need Help Pricing

    Anyone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong: the 4 bottles on the first picture are around $10 each. With that said, I have Broe and Gorman but I'd like to add Gubner to my New York collection. Let me know please
  7. K

    Bitters & others in different colors.

    Leon, I used to have 1/2" plexiglass shelves but they all sagged in the middle after only a couple of years and each shelf held no more than 15 bottles. I thought I made a mistake and should have opted for 1" but the guy who cut those for me said the result would have been the same, maybe less...
  8. K

    curious shard

    Marty, some spots off Long Island are littered with bottles, and over the years I found quite a few sodas, beers, meds, flasks etc., so just to limit myself to square ones, here are two bottles that were found a few years ago in close proximity to the spot where I found the shard yesterday: a 7"...
  9. K

    curious shard

    Hi Marty, Yes, I'm in New York. My bottles come from the ocean and I know this spot is old - I pulled a lot of cool bottles out of there. The bottle does look German (or Dutch?), I'm hoping someone saw one before.
  10. K

    curious shard

    Hello, Well, I found a couple of criers today as well. The first was a bottom part of a blue pony bottle. Beautiful color. And the came this: a square bottle with weak embossing on one of the two remaining sides as follows: ...EKER ...TENDORF (or ...TENDORP?) ...RINGEN Has anyone came...
  11. K

    Schomburg & Co

    Thank you, I especially like the way it feels in the hand. it does look very similar to Gilka. Search for Gilka produced a lot of pictures but nothing for Schomburg. I guess less successful means fewer bottles.
  12. K

    Schomburg & Co

    Hello everyone, Whoever went to Baltimore Bottle show yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it. It was nice to chat with some of you and find a few nice bottles for my NYC collection. This piece was found in a box under a table and for a few bucks I couldn't miss it. Never saw this one and a quick...
  13. K

    Anyone know what this is ?

    Just an idea - a Stilton cheese container.
  14. K

    Pure Newfoundland cod liver oil

    Hello, Pulled this shard from the ocean yesterday. Had embossing on sides as well, smooth base. How unlucky was I? Was it common?

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