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  1. K

    Have You Dug Your Home's Privy?

    Mines covered over by a garage now....shame how when I was young, I was pulling bricks out of this sink-hole in the ground wondering what was going on [:@]
  2. K


    Look like Guinea Hens to me. They're popular around these parts of the state... [;)]
  3. K

    new additions from the weekend #2

    Good to see another Salem County digger around here! Where are you located? Maybe we could talk bottles sometime. I've got the more common Robinson in aqua and have dug pieces of that green squat. Sure has a nice color to it...
  4. K

    Professional Tumbling Services Digger Ry Style

    Good to see you back Ryan, I may muster up a few for you to clean up for me for sure.
  5. K

    My Collection (looking for pricing info)

    We all have to start somewhere...I know I was pulling in stuff like this thinking I had a gold mine too. It's everyone's dream to have rookie's luck and most of the time it's the opposite [:)] I still have my Rolling Rock NDNR around here somewhere. I don't think I have the heart to throw it...
  6. K

    Another Decent Weekend of Digging

    Loved that amber flask. Never seen one like that before. Sure is interesting
  7. K

    Salmon are in !!

    Funky lookin mixture in that one! Could be a whole bunch of things....Looks like iced tea on the better side of things [;)]
  8. K

    "Vaseline" Chesebrough New York

    I've got at least five or six in boxes of junk bottles I'll probably sell at my next yard sale or give as gifts. It's definitely not worth the $11 price tag though to be brutally honest...
  9. K

    Happy Birthday, Stardust!!

    Happy birthday! Have a good one!
  10. K

    Other hobbies besides bottles?

    I'm a student pilot over at my local airport working on getting my private pilot's license then eventually my commercial certification. I also love kayaking and running my heart out at track. Speaking of which I guess I oughta get out there now and get a run in...
  11. K

    Can you dig a house?

    Probably will let in a lot more natural light....bye bye electric bills [;)] I've seen one or two houses with bottle walls in the boonies of PA but never one totally made out of them. Sure must be interesting to think how careful you've gotta be even walking through the rooms.
  12. K

    Happy Birthday to my friend Penn Digger....

    Happy birthday man! Enjoy it!
  13. K

    found in my hoard of minis

    I love labelled stuff no matter what the contents from the era! They always put some sort of pride into their printing and I love the ones with mini-murals on them almost! They sure are neat; lucky you for digging up your stock of them!
  14. K

    Storm Damage...

    The storm was godly to say the least...I went out in the woods yesterday....yikes. The river has completely changed its course. It used to flow straight but five or six trees were ripped out of the ground and created islands in it diverting it elsewhere. Sad to say there were no...
  15. K

    lantern restoration

    Looks like it's coming out pretty good! Your best bet certainly was the soda water. Something that fragile would probably fall apart in a chemical bath so it looks like you did good. Can't wait to see the final product! Looks really awesome especially the globe too. It's amazing how you were...

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