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    Todays finds

    FYI- Likely part of the large sizing bottle for Jumbo Peanut Butter. The brand was named after P.T. Barnum's jagundo elephant. The elephant was massive and probably still holds the record for being the biggest ever. Hence, everything bigger and better became "Jumbo." (Of course, I'd be remiss if...
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    Lutz Florida digger I need help

    Hi Linda b, I must admit I don't find anything wrapped like you are getting. Maybe you'll find a box of cash sometime! (Hopefully no body parts. :oops:) Meantime have fun and take it slow. Do the cleaning on the pieces you think are more important. Once you've done your research and have a few...
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    More Finds...

    Hey DeepSeaDan, I checked out and found a decent candidate to match the pipe bowl anchor. Its the first entry* on p.147 of the Kovel's first book Dictionary of Marks--Pottery and Porcelain, 1953 Crown Publishers, NY. I'd give it about a 70-75% probability, all things considered. Btw, the...
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    Lutz Florida digger I need help

    Linda, You're a very kind person. (Wish I lived nearby.) Have you tried storing some finds in those plastic 18 gal. bins, for example? What is that in the 1st pic? Is it a planter?
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    Need help to identify various cylindrical bottles

    FYI-Side note- The Flaccus Bros. made some desirable canning jars as well, including one with an embossment error. (If memory serves, I believe they put deer antlers on a cow.) If Flaccuss made it onto the shelves with the pickles, olives, and condiments, there's a good chance of finding a...
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    Bottle Pictures, North Shore MA

    Rose, Quite the assortment! My favorite is the base witch embossment too. Nice job. Thx. for sharing.
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    Creek walking. Tips, tricks and LAWS

    Hopefully, this time you won't need a smoke canister. Those hillsides can be very promising, however, a lot of loose material underfoot as well. I'm sure you'll notice some changes since you were there last and bring back at least one remembrance. I've always found the old stomping grounds...
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    More Finds...

    Thanks Dan. I'll give it a quick look and let you know. --Len
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    More Finds...

    Dan, a must for the book! :D PS- There are a lot of anchors in ceramics. Might be military. Care to take a pic? No biggie, just a l-o-n-g shot. (Kovel's has a section on anchors.)
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    F & S Ltd, StH beer bottle

    Look at the employees. Talk about child labor. Somehow I don't think they ate at the company cafe. A great historical lesson in many ways from this shot of bottle making history. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Creek walking. Tips, tricks and LAWS

    Not entirely positive what to make of you two--but I like it.:) Before you know it we'll be calling out Dumbledore's Army and marketing potato rake wand stem's with a metal detector inside...:D
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    What is this?

    Kaleb, I predict you'll find a lot of bottles in your lifetime, but cars like that, well, maybe once. Start saving for it. ;)
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    Todays finds

    He can carry some of his finds in the HUGE trunk of his car. --Right alongside of the friends he is sneaking into the drive-in. :)
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    More Finds...

    Another nice haul. (Your Whistle was already wet when you found it.) :) Congrats. PS- Any maker's mark on the bowl? Love that Whistle bot.--Which begs the old collector's question, If you blow across the closure while under water, who can hear it?" ;)
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    Creek walking. Tips, tricks and LAWS

    Roy, You're good! As they say on the pa at Ocean State and elsewhere--Whoo! Whoo!

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