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    Coal Region Squats/ Sodas

    Good Evening, I haven't been on this site In quite some time so I'm not sure how active it is anymore. I am a collector of the coal region and Lehigh Valley. I collect squats and sodas. Here Is a list of what I'm looking for. If you have any on this list and would be willing to sell feel free...
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    Weissport Pa collection

    Here is my local Weissport pa bottle collection. I am in need of the following. If you have any please contact me. C.nusbaum iron Pontic soda j.t.nusbaum & brothers Camden glass works soda f.nusbaum Weissport , double collar j.t. Nusbaum and bros mineral waters blue (a mint example of the...
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    Opened an early privy

    no way i dug that exact same pipe !
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    Opened an early privy

    no way i dug that exact same pipe !
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    thousands of bottles maybe more

    Pa bottles! Requested :) hope to see pics!
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    Wanted- Pa

    Looking for any of these great pa squats, if you have any of these, message me and lets see if we can work something out! any help is appreciated!!1.E & M'M- MAUCH CHUNK 2.B.M'GEE- MAUCH CHUNK 3.J.C.FEILD- MAUCH CHUNK 4.P.SHARKEY- MAUCH CHUNK 5. P.CALAHAN- MAUCH CHUNK - Any other soda or beer...
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    Here is my local collection that ive been able to get so far and have been very happy with! Squats from left to right1. W.SIEGFRIED / WP 2. T SIEGFRIED 3. J.M.C.M. MAUCH CHUNK / UNION GLASS WORKS- iron pontil 4. W.SIEGFRIED WALNUTPORT / UNION GLASS WORKS-iron pontil 5. J.T.NUSBAUM & BROTHERS / N...
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    W.siegfried W.P

    Will post pics later, cannot upload for some reason
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    W.siegfried W.P

    I'm looking to trade this w.siegfried from walnutport pa. Anyone local around here know this a tough one to get. Let me know if anyone is willing to trade or has any further questions
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    Good day nice weather...... awesome day to be digging

    Whats the double applied top squat in this picture??[attachment=HPIM1091.JPG][attachment=HPIM1091.JPG]
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    An " undisclosed " location

    I am speechless. Is that 8 sided one a nusbaum????
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    Fun dig!

    Got out With THE BADGER the other day. we dug for a few ours and ended up with two really cool bottles! The first one out was a Small Saphire blue medicine W.M.Hooker I didn't get a picture of it because i didn't get it in the pick. I did get this bottle though in the pick. Its a cigar figural...
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    I want to trade for squat/pony sodas!

    What squat do you have to trade for another?
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    Wow this place is dead lately

    In my opinion it went dead right after the sight went from the old blue forum to this. Ever since this new upgrade...its just...dead
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    Selling off part of the collection

    Nope, i am selling everything as a lot or single, ive already sold a few out of the lotl.

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