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    is this a druggist bottle ? anything worth while in the mix

    Oops, I failed to recognize these were Canadian bottles. I am so use to American bottles. They look so similar.
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    I have always liked these Phillips cobalt bottles. Is this one BIMAL or ABM ? I have one of the Bimal which is a pale aqua. I believe that the 1906 patent date was still on the machine made bottles for a time. . What was the rest of today's dig? Would love to see the pics. I haven't been...
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    is this a druggist bottle ? anything worth while in the mix

    The Coca Cola bottle appears to be a 1915 almost clear soda. The pinch-in near the bottom was more on the 1915 and not so much on the 1923. Would love to see a close up on this one and what city it is from. Not sure on the other clear soda-Whistle, Squirt ,Canada Dry??? . The rest appear to be...
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    Small whiskey style bottle with a syrup label

    Using bottles meant for one thing and used for a different product and label still happens today. Hand sanitizer was being put in quart size whiskey bottles I guess by some distillers (alcohol kills germs). I heard of a case where a bottle of whiskey was labeled as whiskey but was actually...
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    J.T. ORD Stoneware Bottle

    Thanks for the info Robby. Interesting that the Ord may stand for order. I did find some listings for J.T. pottery. I agree that it may be English. It came up for auction and I could not pass it up for $7. Thanks again.
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    J.T. ORD Stoneware Bottle

    Bought this stoneware bottle at a local auction. I am having trouble locating any info on it. I will try to attach a photo.
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    7up bottle

    Would depend on the condition of the Applied Color Label on the front.
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    What are these

    A lot of jars from this time period could be reused when empty for refrigerator water bottles and canning jars. A canning jar cap should fit the square jar.
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    Ink bottle

    Never know what deals you can pick up at yard sales. Good find.
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    Would love to see the photos of the base also. Been collecting for 50+ years. Dug a lot of blue mason jars and never seen that color . Hope it turns out to be legit.
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    Fancy Bottle

    The ridged sides and shape of the bottle remind me of the old Halo Shampoo bottle. But the narrow opening of the neck appear to be some type of hair tonic or lotion. I have found similar bottles with a metal cap and spout. Small opening makes them hard to clean.
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    Green bottle

    There are some in that color green which are embossed CC Soda on the shoulder. This one appears to be a 1942 ( dot after number was used by Owens / Illinois in the 40's)
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    Help what was in these hazel atlas BOTTLES

    My guess is Kitchen Bouquet Sauce . They always had the rings below the screw top.
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    Christmas Eve Hutch Find.

    Glad to see that you are still at it Leon. Great find, and maybe a whole one will show up soon. I always keep a crier until a better one shows up. Buster
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    Trying to figure out age and what it may have held

    My guess would be some type of relish.

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