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Recent content by logueb

  1. L

    Help what was in these hazel atlas BOTTLES

    My guess is Kitchen Bouquet Sauce . They always had the rings below the screw top.
  2. L

    Christmas Eve Hutch Find.

    Glad to see that you are still at it Leon. Great find, and maybe a whole one will show up soon. I always keep a crier until a better one shows up. Buster
  3. L

    Trying to figure out age and what it may have held

    My guess would be some type of relish.
  4. L

    What kind of Jar is this?

    I believe that the closure was a rubber lined cap that snapped on. Probably made that way to prevent reuse.
  5. L

    Another jar question

    Ball made bottles and jars for many products in the 30's. Ball is mostly known for canning jars. I would guess that this was from the 30's. what is the entire lettering that begins with " Do not fill above this line......." ?
  6. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    Thanks for the information on the dates.
  7. L

    Eye Candy

    I have a green Orange Crush from Augusta , Ga.. Here's some photos.
  8. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    Thanks Leon. I will check out some of the 23 Pat bottles to see if any have the LGW and date.
  9. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    This bottle was made by The Laurens Glass Company. If the date code of 25 is correct, Then this bottle would have been made in 1925. So I guess they were still using the Pat 1915 bottle molds after the Pat 1923 came out. The mold may have had a lot of wear causing the error on the date. Not...
  10. L

    Icy Brook Beverages - Augusta, GA

    I grew up in Georgia in the 50'sand 60's. My stepdad ran a rural country store. We sold the Icy Brook sodas. If my memory serves me, the Icy Brook was a clear soda that to me tasted like bubble gum. Real sweet tasting. Maybe some of the other members remembers this drink. Hope this...
  11. L

    Chocolate milk

    Great looking chocolate milk bottle. Very clean and sharp embossing. Buster
  12. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    Sorry it took so long to get the photo posted. New computer. Thanks for looking. I Still have some more 1915s to go through. The entire embossing on this bottle is rather thick looking. It must have been a bad mold or too much glass or something. Buster
  13. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    I will try to post the photo. Hope this works
  14. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    I was cleaning my 1915 Patent Coca Cola bottles when I found one with a mold error. The "9" in the 1915 date more closely resembles a "7" than a "9". There is no loop in the 9 , just a straight line across the top. I can't figure out how to load a photo on this new computer. Just wondering if...

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