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    East Tennessee Bottles

    Care to show us the Tennessee milk bottles you have already?
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    Half pint Borden's

    I think BB 48 means it was manufactured by Owens Illinois.
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    Lindsay Dairy?

    There are a few other Lindsay dairy bottles on
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    Gridley Half-Pint Dating Help

    Not magnesium. Selenium = amber, manganese = purple.
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    Michigan Milk Bottles

    FARMINGTON MILK BOTTLE - page 1 | WorthPoint
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    Very nicely embossed Ewing's dairy products

    There's one here on Worthpoint. Ewing Dairy Products Milk Bottle--vintage--great design | #1809616644 ( But you have to subscribe to see what it sold for.
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    Arizona milks

    Steve's eBay seller name is grbottleguy.
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    Need a price estimate.

    You're right. Same bottle sold on feebay about a week later for $3000. Original seller obviously didn't know what they had. Buyer was in the right place at the right time. :)
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    Arizona milks

    Sadly, Joe K died of covid June last year.
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    Need a price estimate.

    There are at least 7 variations of the Weckerle amber quart & 2 green quarts - all fairly common. Here is an earlier version that doesn't have "& sons" in the slug plate. They are from Buffalo, NY. I'd say $20 was cheap.
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    Anyone here snag this?

    Same bottle sold about 1 week earlier
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    WTB Old bottle collecting magazine

    Antique Bottle World magazine August 1977 Volume 4, No.3 I'd like to buy a copy or a photocopy of an article it contains about amber milk bottles.
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    Winnisquam farms amber bottle

    PM sent. None of my bottles are pyroglazed so I don't worry about the sunlight.
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    Winnisquam farms amber bottle

    I started off collecting New Zealand amber milks. The red quart is a Borden's. The top two rows in the last picture are mostly Australian. Here is a recent picture of my collection. Obsessed? Maybe. :)

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