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  1. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Mission Beverages?

    Hi there! I recently came across this on a dig in a 1940’s-30’s dump. It appears to be an early Mission Beverages Co. Bottle, as I’ve seen one on here with ACL. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Looking for Vancouver digging partners

    Hi! I've been digging for about a year and 3/4s now and I'm looking to broaden my horizons. Anyone around the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area know any good sites or up to dig at a couple of my sites?
  3. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Reproduction labels

    Truth be told, I’m just printing with your run of the mill printer paper as of now. I’m not sure how to improve it yet, but if I find a nicer paper I’ll be sure to let you know!
  4. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Reproduction labels

    I’ve been trying my hand at replicating some labels in photo editing softwares. I’m really proud of the Buckley’s one, as it turned out a lot better than I would’ve expected
  5. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Yesterday’s micro haul

    I went for a 2 or so hour dig yesterday and started by pulling the lovely 3ii medicine bottle and not a second later did I pull out that gorgeous Buckley’s bottle. It’s post 1928 as it has the <D> diamond. And as I was collapsing a section, that extra tiny med rolled out to greet me. All in all...
  6. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Hello from Maple Ridge

    You got it! British Columbia. I wish I could say "Oh yeah, I've got dozens of local meds" but the closest thing to local I have is Vancouver, hoping to dig something like that soon!
  7. Maple_Ridge_Relics

    Hello from Maple Ridge

    Hi there! I'm a relatively new collector, who accidentally stumbled into a dump on January 29th of this year. Medicine bottles, Sodas and Listerine bottles are my weaknesses. My time frame of items tends to be from the 20's-40's, but I've got some awesome tidbits from earlier. Anyways, I'm...

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