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    Macdonalds beverages - North Bay , Ont

    I live in the Englehart area.
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    Macdonalds beverages - North Bay , Ont

    So I have 2 McDonald’s bottles 1 clear and 1 green. Can you tell me how old they are and if they are valuable? We also found these Pepsi cola bottles and Yahoo Mountain Dew stubby bottles in the same area. Do you know anything about them?
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    2 Mcdonalds beverages bottles added to collection

    I have a Macdonald’s Beverages bottle like the one in your picture May 17, 2012. Could you tell me, how old is it and what is its value?
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    Old dump site

    No date on bottom. It says in the bottom not to be refilled in both english and french.
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    Old dump site

    My grandson and I found many bottles. Most are pepsi and are 10oz with no deposit no return on them. Some have bumps all over the bottle and others only have the bumps at the top and bottom. Also there is are a couple of mountain dew the same as the pepsi and a dominion bottle works kirkland...

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