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    Wanted Bridgton Harrison Fryeburg Naples Maine Bottles

    My user ID is "martyfoley", you should be able to find me under the advanced search function. Thanks.
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    Wanted Bridgton Harrison Fryeburg Naples Maine Bottles

    Thanks for posting, but I've got enough bottles at this time, and looking for more local ones which are really tough to find.
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    Wanted Bridgton Harrison Fryeburg Naples Maine Bottles

    Not really buying or accumulating anymore. Will be in selling mode as I'm getting up in age now. Will be selling on eBay, and posting links here when I'm ready. If I see something interesting and at a reasonable price I may pick it up, just the collector in me, but will be letting some go...
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    Wanted Bridgton Harrison Fryeburg Naples Maine Bottles

    Here are a few pics of the Varsity Beverages Co. Bridgton.
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    Wanted Bridgton Harrison Fryeburg Naples Maine Bottles

    Hi ArmyDigger; I did come across a 26 oz. "Varsity Beverage Co. Bridgton, ME" soda bottle in very nice condition on Mercari of all places. I live in Bridgton and collect Bridgton stuff, as well as surrounding towns. Stay safe!
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    MaComb Stonewear Whisky Jug For Sale

    Not knowing the size of it, my guess, $15-$25. If there is damage could be less.
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    Yet another killer day! Milks, sodas, and more suprises!!

    ;)Nice finds! Like that little pharmacy in yellow! Good luck in the future!
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    Best bottle brush for cleaning the inside of bottles?

    :)I used gravel (or coarse sand) back in the 70s. I took the bigger stones out of the gravel. Put about 3 tablespoons of gravel into the bottle, a drop of dishwashing liquid, and filled the bottle with water about 1/3 of the way, and shook the hell out of it with my thumb over the open top...
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    Any thoughts on how to get these rocks that are rusted onto this off or if it should be cleaned at all?

    Leaving the rusted lids on any old bottles or jars are just a matter of individual preference I believe. Some collectors like their collection to be sparkly clean, others like the crusty look!;)
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    Art Deco Sodas WANTED

    Very nice collection, especially like the Native American pictured ones. Thanks for sharing!
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    Clicquot Club blue/green

    Has to be much rarer than the common aqua and clear ones. You can always check eBays sold ones to get an idea of value.
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    Digging alone

    Try posting an ad on facebook marketplace? People buy and sell in their own town. You could try selling some bottles you don't want anymore and get some contacts with other bottle collectors/diggers. They may know some diggers as well you could dig with. Who nose you could possibly sell...
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    Found this on a hike today. It’s the oldest bottle I’ve ever found but I’m trying narrow down a date range

    It would be nice if it had a pictorial embossing. Some flasks like that have a pic of a ship or other pic which would add to the value of the bottle. Without any embossing it just makes it a common bottle without much value I'm afraid. Keep on looking you never know what you'll find!

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