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    From Campbell's..

    Duncan E. Campbell, Victoria, B.C., circa 1910.
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    Ya hate to see it

    I agree. Based on my experiences, postal services in Canada, the U.S.A., Great Britain, and Ireland do a great job because of their staff. I tip my hat.
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    Ya hate to see it

    Most of my hundreds and hundreds of shipping experiences have been good. Two notable failures though. One guy was too lazy to find a big enough box and let the neck of a quart soda stick out the top (well, it was covered by the box's flap). Needless to say, the neck didn't survive. More...
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    Howes Womans Friend...

    I've tried my best and have struck out. Sorry.
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    Druggist bottles

    Other Canadian druggist bottles I have with famous connections include bottles from Nellie McClung's husband, W.O. Mitchell's father, Syl Apps' father, brothers of provincial premiers, etc. Sorry for the esoteric Canadianisms. I also enjoy finding bottles from, say, three different brothers who...
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    Druggist bottles

    Dr. F.X. Valade. His report that Riel was, well, insane, to "Sir" John A. was ordered altered in the official record by the prime minister himself. He remarked to a colleague, whose name I can't recall right now, but I'm sure it was a cabinet minister, that Valade wouldn't dare say a word...
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    Druggist bottles

    I collect cross-Canada BIM drugstore (prescription) bottles. Good points made on all sides about collecting these fellows. Yes, it's not difficult to amass a big collection. On the other hand, like all categories, those who pay attention to the category have, surprise (not), a better view of...
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    Guiness Extra Stout surviving label

    The logo on that great survivor stands for E. & J. Burke, whose New York importing partnership was the biggest importer of Guinness into North America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Thanks for sharing.
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    Looking for info PRISON embossed bottle

    For use in the infirmaries of Britain's rather large Victorian-Edwardian prison system.
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    Hambly's Beverages Oshawa Ont soda bottle

    Hambly's had the Coke franchise in Oshawa and later in Sarnia.
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    "FLORIDA WATER" bottle collection liquidation announcement

    I'd be interested in learning about the Canadian ones you're selling.
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    Poisons with original contents

    I know that in some jurisdictions, pharmacists are required to dispose of old medicines, and old can extend into the world of antiques. The trick is to find a pharmacist who undertsands that you want the bottle back in the same condition you found it, minus, of course, the contents.
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    Temperance Beer

    Somebody here in Calgary has found a stash of these Golden West Brewing labels and they are bleeding them out slowly. They show up at shows, malls, etc. as stand alones and pasted onto bottles onto which the label don't belong. However, yours maybe legit, as it wasn't uncommon for breweries to...

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