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Recent content by midway49

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    My first local druggist Frankfort KY

    Probably an 1880''s bottle as Mr Chapman died 1893 ( google it). Most Frankfort's sell in the $20-30 range. Having dug there, it's not one of the most common drugstores.
  2. M

    Dr. Geoghegan bottle

    Very good bottle. Desirable!
  3. M

    Galveston Dig

    Nice stuff! thanks for sharing.
  4. M

    ~~~ 1870's.. John Ryan ~~~

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  5. M

    Galveston Dig

    Thanks for your reports. Love to see them!
  6. M

    Painted china's

    Thanks "embe". That's what I was lookin for. Another knowledgeable collector said about 100. Opposite side rose very weak.
  7. M

    Painted china's

    1 and 3/16" is correct. Any idea as to value?
  8. M

    Painted china's

    Dug these yesterday. Need to split with my partner. What's an approximate value on the Roses? 1 3/16" diameter
  9. M

    Galveston Dig

    Good Stuff! Thanks for your reports.
  10. M

    Galveston Dig

    Love that marble! I have a display of painted China's.
  11. M

    Creek finds

    What I've found in Ky.
  12. M

    New Orleans drug store

    Anyone know if this bottle has much value? "American Drug Store New Orleans, La." 8 1/2" tall. 1900-1910 era.
  13. M

    how rare is a williamson wva 1915 coke....worth?

    Porter gives "scarce". So, on a 1 to 5 rarity scale, where 1 is common and 5 is unknown, he gives it a 2.
  14. M

    Augusta 2019 FOHBC National

    Thanks for that contribution. Enjoyed it!
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    Cincinnati amber coke

    Is this a common mold for Cincinnati amber Coca-Cola? Back is plain, no arrow.

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