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    Given these cans but I don't collect them.

    This interests me because i see cone top cans for sale sometimes, im just wondering how they would re attach the cone top after it being cut? Is it glued?
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    Cathedral pepper sauce

    Awsome! Beautiful bottle, thats so cool how everyone comes out to the show it must have been a great time.
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    That was a great video! Thanks for posting
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    New Jersey slug plate

    Wow, cool! Thanks for the info epackage!
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    New Jersey slug plate

    Thanks for the reply uncle bruce but i guess i should have been more specific, i was wondering if R.C I mainly see N.Y. and Vermont stuff
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    New Jersey slug plate

    Hi all, i saw this bottle at a sale the other day, a nice clear blob top that reads R.C EWAN RICHLAND N.J. You dont see much stuff from new jersey up here in quebec so it caught my eye. Was this a beer or a soda? Sorry for the bad pic i thought i had gotten the whole bottle in but aparently i...
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    1934 Christmas Coke Rarity ?

    Your bottle is listed as scarce in Bill Porters book..thats pretty cool! Nice bottle!
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    Question about bottles..

    Thanks for the info canadian bottles, what made me ask the question was i saw a canadian paper label bottle with an owens illinois mark on the bottom, my first thought was that it wasnt the original bottle that the label was on, but then i researched the company and saw that they had many...
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    Question about bottles..

    I should have been more specific, my question is mainly about soda bottles in the 20's 30's and 40's....
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    Question about bottles..

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was a common practice for canadian bottlers to use american made bottles or vice versa? Did this happen often? Rarely? Or not at all? Thanks for any help or info!
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    Psychology of collecting

    Good question Robbybobby, ive always wondered about the psychology of us collectors and why it is we do what we do, personaly i think we are born collectors since ive been collecting different things at different times since i was about 5 years old, i always had a tendancy to be looking down at...
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    Dinky Supertoys

    Great job!
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    Garden path made of broken glass

    Very nice! Good idea!
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    New river finds

    I went out to search in the local river the other day and made a few interesting finds, the first is a bottle embossed S&S looks like 1915-1920's..cant find any info on it and the other i was super excited about, its a local soda from montreal, J CHRISTIN, i was super excited, its...

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