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    U S Pot Lids

    After many months finally sold for 165 GBP.
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    U S Pot Lids

    I have been watching this listing for many months and as it has fallen to 250 GBP. I wonder how low It will go before it sells. It seems it would have been be simpler to just offer it for auction...
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    U S Pot Lids

    High price for this pot at 500 GBP eBay item number:382608770659
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    Does anyone know this Melvin Badger pot

    I picked up this Melvin Badger pot several years ago, but the info I can find is for the Melvin Badger bottles.
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    U S Pot Lids

    FYI: There are two of those US Holloway's pots: with a single or a double line round border. From Paul Barkers site
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    Buck’s 'Friend in Need' ointment pot

    Buck’s 'Friend in Need' ointment pot Buck’s 'Friend in Need' ointment pot originating from Dudley in the West Midlands. The chemist and druggist business Richard Capelton Buck was based at High Street, Dudley as early as 1842. The business was taken over by P.P. Baker in 1865 who produced a...

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