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    Enterprise Bottling Works- Orange Crush

    Hi TxBottleDigger.... with respect to the 'remains' of that bottle, it looks like the classic, clear, 'krinkly, 6oz. bottle of O.C. - bottled by that specific bottling company in Texas. That style bottle began in the early 1920's, although different styles of the clear, 'krinkly' appeared...
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    thought I would join this site

    Hi UrsusMeansBear... welcome to this site....your bottle is the Canadian version of what we term 'Mr.Crushy Right', meaning the little man face on one side. Your bottle has distinct characteristics for the Canadian version compared to the American version of this same 6oz. bottle... stippled top...
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    Orange crush bottles.

    Hi RobbyBobby... I have been reviewing Orange Crush comments etc., and came across your bottles which you showed us in Feb.2021.... my only comment is that these American bottles are capped with Canadian crown caps, making me suspicious that they have been refilled and recapped. Would appreciate...
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    Orange Crush "Mae West" Bottles Pre 1960

    Hi Shadeone.... thanks for the 'plug' for my book. I have reviewed not only my book but also 'things' left over from the Mae West era.... your question is a tough one, and without multiple bottles in my hands now, it is hard to answer. Hopefully other O.C. collectors with re-look their Mae West...
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    Finaly got one!

    Great Christin bottles.... from Montreal, and I live here.... but then again, my concentration has been Orange Crush....perhaps both of you could consult Johnny Dufresne... he is a good friend, and the largest collector and authority on Quebec soda bottles. He would be glad to answer questions...
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    Orange crush bottles.

    Hi RobbyBobby... just reviewing those three bottles are nice, but recall, the 'green' one is not an O.C. drink, but a drink of another company with the bottle made by O.C. bottling company. As well the other two bottles, I believe, have been refilled and recapped. The crown caps are...
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    Orange Crush-new variation!

    Hi Ivan... always nice to have a surprise from you, with your extensive knowledge.... In my book on p.51, I do state "it is not clear is a shorter version exists," with reference to the right facing Mr.Crushy on the 6oz. As well the figure 'u' is frontwards, indicating Canadian, and yet the base...
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    New Yard Sale Finds

    Hi JohnnyCrush.... did you ever reach John Dufresne? If you did, would like to know if you got great help. Michael
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    New Yard Sale Finds

    Hi Johnnycrush.... the absolute authority on Quebec soda bottles is Johnny Dufresne... he has the most fantastic collection you can imagine, filling a barn!! I am sure he can help you on the Gurds, Amico etc... He is writing a book on these.... his email Use my...
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    New Crush bottles and my First bottle local Bottle

    Hi Johnnycrush…once OC bottles. You have two there that are less common, almost rare. The clear Ward,s for orange rather than lemon, is more common…lime, I do believe was advertised but never produced.. The amber Patented bottle is very uncomoon and valuable…. All described in my book. Hang on...
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    Gurd's Dry Ginger Ale

    Hi dw3000… I might suggest you contact Johnny Dufresne at Johnny is the largest collector and authority on Quebec soda bottles… he might be interested in your bottle and help you with information….no problem telling him where you got his name..he helped me greatly when I...
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    Orange Crush bottle help

    Hi again Johnny Crush.... I reread what I wrote and reviewed your pictures. Yes, the height of the so-called 'squat' bottles is 75/8". The KEY to these bottles is the front ACL is NOT centred and lies below the midpoint of the body of the bottle. Mr.Crushy, arms over head or extended both occur...
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    Pre 1930 green orange crush bottle

    Hi Jeffsattic... your bottle is a 6oz., 1924 bottle produced by one of the Orange Crush bottling companies for another brand. It most probably had a paper label as well as the embossing. Shown on p.111 of my book.
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    Psychology of collecting

    Hi RobbyBobby.... good question.... At the end of my book on Orange Crush bottles I have a chapter entitled "Collectors and Their Collections." This is a summary of a thesis entitled "To Have and To Hold: Collecting and The Heart's Desire" written by Elaine Brodie, Ryerson University, Toronto...

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