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Recent content by mtfdfire22

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    So this is were all the "Hardcore" diggers are !!!

    This is not the first time I've heard this. One of my partners tells me a horror story of this from Time to time just to remind me. His was covered with a thin sheet of tin and had 3 foot of dirt on it. Luckily no one got hurt in either of these cases.
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    Soda or Beer blob?

    That makers mark is rather uncommon. Nice looking bottle even though it is unembossed.
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    ALL Members & Administrators Contribute Please.

    I have dug them before and boy was I excited. I think they are spectacular looking bottles and are unfortunately common in that color. Aside from that, they are rather old, very pretty and I only hope I can dig more of these, as they are an exciting find.
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    I'm giving another one away

    im in!!! this sounds fun
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    New member from northern Michigan

    good idea to start out with. I made my first probes out of regular steel, then car springs, now i just buy the from a well known probe maker in california. I live in the bay city/ saginaw area and im willing to show you the ropes if you would be willing to drive over here. I have a good number...
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    Today's Crier. Hops & Malt Bitters.

    generally, in that color, they sell for about $150.00. their are a couple color variants and also a mini version.
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    What is this bottle and what is it worth?

    you got a good deal at .50it actually has a touch of history behind it and was only around for a couple years. Unforunately the only people who collect things from Saginaw, like myself, already have a couple laying around. The company wasnt around till after 1900 so collectibility is minimal. I...
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    Detroit bottle show November 9th.

    Re: RE: Detroit bottle show November 9th. I was set up at the show. Seen Leon (hemi hampton) there. It was a SLOW day and seemed to be a low turnout. Not sure what the deal was. I think I only spent around $50.00 bucks on bottles. Slim pickins for sure.
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    The Weather Flag Druggist?

    Never seen that one before Leon. Cool little druggist.nic
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    New Michigan beer

    The Flint show is in February or March I believe. I will be set up at that one as well.
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    New Michigan beer

    very cool. I work in Frankenmuth and live in Munger (close to Bay City). If you are going to the Detroit show I will be set up there. A few of my Michigan bottles will be for sale. Just look for the guy in the picture if you go. Thats me.[attachment=1454677_1020072048..406_253654366_n.jpg]
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    Two word game

    dealt with[attachment=SignDealtWith.jpg]
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    New Michigan beer

    Very nice to see another Michigan guy around. Im a Michigan beer collector myself.Where are you from?I attached a photo of a few of mine for you.[attachment=securedownload (2).jpg]
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    Re: D SACH AND SONS DISTILLARY LOUISVILLE sorry for the bad photos. If needed I will take more. Couple of small chips but great aside from those.
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    Re: D SACH AND SONS DISTILLARY LOUISVILLE [attachment=securedownload (1).jpg]*

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