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Recent content by myersdiggers1998

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    Dump Truck Finds

    Looks like they scooped up an old privy.Good bottles.
  2. M

    Watertown N.Y. Bottles

    Nice local recently added up to around 200 locals , too many to load here .
  3. M

    Little bottles, lots of embossing

    A majors cement I dug years ago.
  4. M

    Watertown N.Y. Bottles

    I finally got this beer after ten years of searching.
  5. M

    Watertown N.Y. Bottles

    I dig a few once and a while , ill message you if I bring a few home.
  6. M

    2nd Viking site possibly located in Newfoundland , Canada

    Amazing post , please keep us updated on new info.
  7. M


    Only one known so far.
  8. M

    Watertown N.Y. Bottles

    I dug this pint milk M. Hollywood (rare)
  9. M

    Jinx ! You better believe it.

    I have luck when I dig a horseshoe and hang it in a tree where I'm digging for bottles.
  10. M

    Yard Sale find , several boxes full of beer and pop bottles

    Instant soda collection. The hutch has a pc. of the stopper in it. :)
  11. M

    1850s-70s City Dump

    Love the crock, keep looking , the cryers are bound to be whole sooner or later.
  12. M

    Watertown milk

    What sodas do you have?
  13. M

    New Poison

  14. M

    7 Boxes Full

    Paper labels are the bomb.
  15. M

    Epackage(jim eifler)

    Jim is doing good after an operation on his heart , his daughter told everyone on facebook .

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