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    Reno Bottle Show

    Anyone going to the Reno ,NV Bottle Show ?
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    Demijohns Wanted

    Thank You Red, I have looked at your website numerous times. You have researched and posted a lot of useful information indeed ! Thank You for your kind words, much appreciated .
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    Demijohns Wanted

    Hi, I am looking to purchase demijohns in different shapes and colors. I am looking for bullet shaped, kidney shaped, apple shaped, demijohns in unusual colors, ( yellows, blues, Western Pink examples, examples with striations , etc) Oakland Glass Works ( OGW on base ) demijohns or any others...
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    Antioch,CA Bottle Show

    Anyone going to make it to the Antioch, CA Show ? I am thinking of going ?
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    San Luis Obispo, CA Bottle Society’s 45th Annual Show and Sale

    RE: San Luis Obispo, CA Bottle Society’s 45th Annual Show and Sale I was thinking of going ? Would you know how many Dealers will be there ?
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    Chico,CA Bottle Show

    Hi Ron, thank you for the information regarding the Chico Bottle Show, I appreciate it. Sorry that you will not be able to make it, I hope your Wife gets well soon. I am not sure if Barbara and I will be going or not ? Hope we can catch up at Antioch, all the best, Dale.
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    Chico,CA Bottle Show

    I wanted to ask if anyone is going to the Chico, CA Bottle Show or if anyone has ever gone to it ? I was thinking about possibly going but have never attended it.
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    Paterson Flask

    Congratulations , great acquisition to you collection [:)]
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    Estate sale find "Demijohn"

    How tall is the demijohn ? I like it regardless of its age. if you consider selling it, please let me know, thanks [:)]
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    Estate sale find "Demijohn"

    I thought this looked like the real deal but the glass texture and the Y on the bottom make me think other wise, but I am by no means an authority ?
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    Demi John's

    Demijohns' in this teardrop shape are usually considered French in origin. The color is nice and the price seems right [:)]
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    49er Historical Bottle Show

    Looking forward to the move to the new venue Warren [:)]
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    Demijohn wicker or no wicker?

    I tend to leave the wicker on if it is in pristine shape and take it off if it is damaged. It really is a matter of choice and up to the individual to decide in my opinion.
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    Anyone else with photos from the Auburn, CA Show ?

    I just wanted to ask if anyone else has photos from the Auburn, CA Show ?

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