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Recent content by nhpharm

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    Preserves jar??

    They are "wax sealer" canning jars used to preserve just about anything. They would be sealed by placing the tin lid in the groove and putting wax around it. The timeframe for them is probably 1850's-1920's and yours looks to be on the late end of that (1890-1920 or so). Yours is a bit...
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    Am I missing something here?

    Yeah...but having handled a lot of these Stoddard Patents over the years, that is an extraordinary price.
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    Strange ebay bidding?

    Could be that a higher bid was cancelled or withdrawn...
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    Galveston Dig

    Awesome-so glad it made it to you safely!
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    Reworked molds and name changes on jars.

    Molds were expensive so it was common practice to modify a mold when (1) the original mold had an error like a misspelling, backwards letter, etc. (2) when the company was acquired by another company (like the Ball/Drey situation), (3) when a partner left or was added to a company, (4) when...
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    Check this out...

    Definitely beware...I always ask for more photos and if they can't produce them that is a red flag. Of course the strange wording/broken English is a red flag....who in the US says "Kindly"?
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    Any Bottles From Towns Or Cities That No Longer Exist Or Are Now Ghost Towns

    Here is one from the ghost town (swallowed by the Mississippi river) of Bayou Sara, Louisiana.
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    Galveston Dig

    Went out last Sunday and dug 4 trash pits. The first turned up nothing except a sealed absinthe bottle. The second pit was loaded...so loaded most everything was broken. I did come up with a Columbo Peptic Bitters and a rare Galveston hitch with some lift damage as well as a broken Coca-Cola...
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    I'm back, like it or not!

    Welcome back! Another old timer back to the board...awesome to see some great knowledge return here where at least the information is searchable and saved!
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    About 100 PA hutches just listed on ebay

    Jay bought a huge collection and is a great guy. I believe the collection was close to 2000 bottles-mostly hutch sodas from across the nation.
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    Paterson New Jersey's ONLY pontil sodas/beers

    It seems odd that a big city like Paterson only had the one...were there a lot of stoneware bottles? I know in New Hampshire and Maine everything seems to have been sold in stoneware until the late 1860's or early 1870's.
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    A couple new Paterson N.J. stoneware jugs

    Those are great! Paterson had a lot of jugs, didn't they?
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    I buy a lot on Etsy but have never sold there. eBay remains my go-to and will probably remain so unless the buyers start to disappear.

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