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    Crazy is not the word for it.

    - On a desk top pc you could try logging out and logging back in. Then just ignore the 'enable push notifications' bar which appears at the bottom of the page. It seems to work for me here in the UK. :)
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    Information source.

    - This is always a good place to start. - :)
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    How can I improve?

    PHOTOGRAPHING BOTTLES - Before acquiring a light box and a larger illuminated 'shooting' table I used this very simple set up using natural daylight which achieved good results. You don't have to use a tri-pod but just something solid and steady on which to rest your camera or phone, this gives...
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    My Son's Metal Detecting Finds-Any Ideas

    Hi Brandon, The ammunition appears to be an obsolete pin fire pistol cartridge. An interesting item but be careful, it could still be viable!! :)
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    Looking for info PRISON embossed bottle

    - The 'PRISON' bottles, although scarce, are well known UK bottles and come in a range of sizes, types and colours. Used in HM Prison dispensaries some further examples are shown below. - - - :)
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    Found this beachcombing in western newfoundland in the in january. Any ideas of how old or rare?

    - You may find this 1924 price list from Hartley's of interest. It is presented as a small 'flipbook', just click on the link below the cover image. - - - :)
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    Museum repro flasks

    - I also have one of the MMA high quality reproductions, a 3 part mould pontilled 'creamer'. I think they also came in blue? - Clearly marked in the with the MMA logo in the body pattern below the pouring lip. - - - - - :)
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    - Hi Grace, What you have is an early to mid 20th century wine bottle from Chile. An example of a labelled one is shown below. - - The amber one is from my collection where the seal is a little clearer. - - - - :)
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    Bottle stopper

    Hi Jargm, It is a British Design Registration Number, similar to a patent number. Rd. No.295650 shows the design was first registered in 1897, however, the item can be manufactured long after that date. - :)
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    Can anyone identify this mark?

    Hi Cat68, Your piece is the base of a Gordon's Gin bottle. The image is of their Boars Head trade mark of which there are several varieties. - - :)
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    Look what I found

    - Hi emeyetee, that Philadelphia Codd looks a little bit special!! Then again being in the UK I am probably a little bit biased towards them!! :)
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    Good guide for dating “blank” bottles?

    - The SHA site is always a good starting point, click on the link below. - :)
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    Weird Bottle lip What is it?

    - I would suggest early 20th century and probably a paper labelled beer. - :)
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    Weird Bottle lip What is it?

    - It appears to be one of the crown cap types which can be opened by inserting the edge of a coin between the cap and the ledge then twisting the coin to lever the cap off. - :)
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    Looking for some info on this ginger beer.

    Barton on Humber is in Lincolnshire in the UK. This information can easily be found using a simple google search.

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