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Recent content by otto

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    Heartbreaking Dig

    This one I found in 10-15 pieces minus the bottom . I was able to glue it back together but 75 % of the very bottom was missing so I made a new base of plaster of Paris and Portland cement. The cover was intact not far from the crock.
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    I found these digging bottles please help me id them

    Bottom one looks like a glass old fashion desk top telephone minus the ear piece.
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    Who collects pickle bottles?

    As the ethnic population of the country changed new foods and condiments were introduced.
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    Who collects pickle bottles?

    Can't make authentic Puttanesca sauce without Capers.
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    Sailors Snug Harbor

    These are 3 shards of bowls from SSH 2 of which I found on the property as construction work opened up holes. The oldest Logo is the red one from 1880-90 ,left one is from 1910-1930ish, right 1950ish. SSH was founded in 1833 as a home for "decrypted and worn out sailors", by Cpt. Robert...
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    Question for the seasoned bottle diggers.

    Pick the oldest small water features ,creeks or streams , on your 1857 map and see if they fall in your target area where you can dig. I've used a metal detector this way an uncovered a early farm dump on the bank of a stream loaded with metal and glass . Best finds were a Stickwell umbrella ink...
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    Two New Digging Videos

    Nice videos . For older guys who don't dig any longer ,it brings back the thrill of the HUNT . Thanks for sharing.
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    Quart blob Beer

    H. Knobloch & Bro. 313 E. 83rd St. N Y Quart Beer with a Pictorial on the back . Shows 2 guys drinking and getting Hammered. Strange neck design has a glass ring under the Blob top. I've never seen this before.
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    Honey amber monogrammed bottles. Local druggist?

    Similar bottle with monogram is on E-bay . It's a Hyson Westcott Dunning from Baltimore MD.
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    Unopened Buffalo Lithia Water

    Is that sediment inside on the bottom or gunk on the outside?
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    Common bottle X on base

    Dr. J. W. Bulls Cough Syrup in citron . What is the X base and is this color rare ? I 've see some crazy prices posted for common citron colored bottles ie. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root.
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    Honey amber monogrammed bottles. Local druggist?

    The monogram looks like thorns are part of the image. Strange
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    clay pipes

    Various clay pipes found over the years . Lower right is hand holding bowl. Top center Ornate bowl with detachable stem. Only dug one intact over the years ,only to break it myself. Another l was a full face bowl lost when the hole I was digging caved in.
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    What in the heck are these?

    Third bottle Looks like a Haig & Haig Pinch Scotch or a J W Dant . Nice Finds

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