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Recent content by Palani

  1. Palani

    John Shrink's Superior Mineral Water, Cleveland

    Great buy nice color!!
  2. Palani

    New- cobalt Riddle

  3. Palani

    New Coca Cola LED Display Shelf

    I got to try this thanks!
  4. Palani

    Probe question

    Tempered steel rods from the trunk of old cars are how we made them in Hawaii. Tapered rounded tip not sharp. When the probe is tempered steel you can use it to dig with when trying to get a bottle out delicately. I like a short and long probes. When I see a shovel being used to pry out a...
  5. Palani

    Came up out of the back yard today

    Brown Soyu pots come up a lot in Hawaii nice.
  6. Palani

    Small Jar with separate compartment modded in neck.

    The ink bottle we had in the house for my mom's fountain pens the side cup made it easier to load the pen.
  7. Palani

    I’m speechless

    Not on my shelf!
  8. Palani

    Weird Cereal

    Breakfast of champions!!
  9. Palani

    St. Patrick’s Day Sodas

    Beautiful Green bottles!!
  10. Palani

    Some New Soda Additions...

    Score, nice bottles!
  11. Palani

    Baltimore Maryland Cobalt Blue Soda

    Thanks, guys for sharing I now have an appreciation for ACL soda bottles. Coming from Hawaii where Hutchison sodas, inks, and black class are popular. There isn't a lot of color in our ACL sodas but there are a few collectors.
  12. Palani

    pics of my display cabinet

    Nice I got to get started on a display case I like backlighting and window light.

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