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    Taylor & Williams whiskey bottle

    Kentucky Whiskey!
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    Taylor&Williams whiskey bottle with original betts and co cork and seal

    Kentucky Whiskey!
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    Found and old dump site in Decorah Iowa

    M inside a circle (on the bottom of glass containers, especially medicine bottles of many types and sizes, often in cobalt blue glass) – see more information about this mark on this webpage……….. Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland (1907-c.1970s)...
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    Can anyone give info on Zoa-Phora??

    It was used for problems that women not men have.
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    ebay soda scam.

    Pictures of Glaser 7-Up bottles with labels...
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    Old magazines

    i'd be interested to know the dates and names of the mags. Nothing is too heavy to mail if your interested in selling.
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    Found a bottle at a estate sale I don’t know what it is

    Try using the following for almost all of your bottle questions! Here's what I call the bible on bottle identification!
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    All about demi-johns and carboys!
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    Demi-johns were also used as mines, in the Civil War! Scroll down in the following article to "American Civil War Mines and Torpedoes" for a drawing of demi-johns being used as mines.
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    Worst day of my life...Heartbreaker city

    Here's what a No 5 BODE is.
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    Anyone know what this is ?

    Beef extract Click on the above then click on "English" translate
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    Marbles from the 1896 homestead?

    Here's a few posts about what they maybe. Marbles that are placed in chicken water bowls. I found hundreds of what I thought were large green marbles in abandoned chicken house one day in North Ga...
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    Excellent site to identify any type or age of your bottles!

    Got questions about how old or what type of bottle you have, then jump to the following site! I've used it for years!
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    Paper labeled pre-prohibition labeled whiskeys.

    My collection of pre-prohibition (before 1934) labeled whiskeys (all sizes) has grown to over a + 140, so here's my question. How do I protect the paper labels? What can be done to save the labels without destroying them? Anyone know what can be used to save the old paper labels. Thanks, Frank
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    Digger needed for help1

    I's am looking for a experinced for digger for digging three excellents sites this fall in Escambia County Florida (Pensacola) This on land (beside an abandonded RR track. Tracks were taken up beween WW1 & WW11. The second on is the boss man's house of which nothing is let, however I have a...

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