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  1. planeguy2

    WTS Lot of 5 N.Y Hutches for sale.

    5 beautiful N.Y hutches for sale, individual or by the group, (10% off the total price if by the group). Wide range of rarity. Information is as follows, see pictures for more info. #1: J.MULLINS/BUFFALO/N.Y Base: M Color: clear Condition: No visible damage (slightly dirty)...
  2. planeguy2

    The Darien Mineral Springs

    That would make sense, however a lower stream to the scale of the map does not appear to exist, looking at the hillshade map the only tributary in the area barely goes out 1000 feet to the east, not the whole way to route 77 as the map depicts. The only tributary that is on the same scale as the...
  3. planeguy2

    The Darien Mineral Springs

    That would be the most logical way, if so those early maps are off by a great deal, I marked the rough supposed location of the tributary on the hill-shade map, the actual stream and split appears to be farther north. likelylocation of spring in the circle.
  4. planeguy2

    Newly acquired - Bushwick Glass Works only known maker's-marked style of bottle

    I had no idea Brook-field made bottles, it would be interesting to see if one turns up in the near future.
  5. planeguy2

    The Darien Mineral Springs

    That is interesting, however as I am not too reliant on these old maps, this town plan also has it labeled ( number 32) however when I investigated these locations last summer nothing turned up. My only theory is that they are farther north as stated in the towns sesquicentennial book written in...
  6. planeguy2

    The Darien Mineral Springs

    The spring can be found on some old maps and a town comprehensive plan map, but none of these mapped locations are very accurate or seem to agree with each other.
  7. planeguy2

    The Darien Mineral Springs

    Hello, I recently came across some information regarding a mineral spring in Genesee County NY known as the Darien Mineral springs, located somewhere in darien lake state park. It went by other names, the Victor spring, and the Perry spring. I am looking for information regarding the location of...
  8. planeguy2

    Insulator picker pole

    I have made one, it works great for shorter poles but not taller ones, obviously don't try to pick stuff that has live wires on it.
  9. planeguy2

    Need a price estimate.

    I had already purchased a number of items and had reached my spending cap, Also milk bottles aren't really my thing.
  10. planeguy2

    Need a price estimate.

    Thanks, I was just wondering if it was really cheap, I decided against buying it.
  11. planeguy2

    Need a price estimate.

    Need a price estimate on this bottle.
  12. planeguy2

    URGENT privy question

    Not sure that would be a privy. Almost sounds like it was a well that they filled in. Do you know if it went down deeper, or did it stop two feet down?
  13. planeguy2

    CD 170s?

    I was wondering if anyone knows which company manufactured the CD 170 glass insulators. Also I am talking about the original CD 170, not the former CD 170.1s which they changed the CD number. I am also aware that they have Pennycuick pinholes if that would help anyone ID the manufacturer.
  14. planeguy2

    Found a few today........

    That O.V.G Co is nice as well as the haystack.
  15. planeguy2

    16 old Insulators Need Price .May Sell.

    My judgement without pictures is 1whitatum no1 dominion no9 clear,6 heminggray no42.42.4.,45, armstrong no2 ,armstrongno.1945 the hemingrayno.16 1893 are less than $5 dollars each, the pyrex could be worth some money and so could the pink WT. I would need pics to to give you an accurate price...

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