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    Looking to date my bottle

    i don't see any mention of plant 6 on that site. where was plant 6 located ?
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    Looking to date my bottle

    thanks. thought it might be older
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    Looking to date my bottle

    i have a pint size bosch beer bottle with markings on the bottom. having a hard time finding info about the markings on the bottom. see the drawing for the markings. never saw a bottle with the 88 on it. trying to date my bottle. can anyone one help ?
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    ISO This Milk Bottle

    looking for this quart milk bottle from nelsons cloverland creamery manistique michigan,
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    ISO Milk Bottle

    looking for a quart milk bottle from the cloverland creamery manistique mich with the big springs on the backside see enclosed photo and contact me at
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    What do you collect for milks?

    i only collect pryro's from the upper peninsula of michigan . that's where im from. any size
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    Good to see ABN is back online...

    i perfer the old version. if it ain't broke don't fix it
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    Question for ACL collectors

    Sno Beverages Escanaba Mi Tahquamenon Beverages Newberry Mi
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    question for ebay sellers

    live and learn i guess. hope i can find another one someday but to me that guy as a seller sucks
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    question for ebay sellers

    i can leave negative feedback but i don't want the same from him as my feedback is 100% and his isn't. the purchase price without shipping was 50.00 and he stated he wanted 75.00 plus postage. i talked to a local antique dealer this afternoon and was told the bottle was 50.00 any day as it was a...
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    question for ebay sellers

    early this past saturday i found a bottle i wanted on ebay and used the buy it now option. so i paid with paypal and was pretty happy that what i thought was a good deal . later saturday i got a message from the seller stating he made a mistake with the by it now price and he wanted more money...
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    Auman's Root Beer

    yes it has a cap but it's plain
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    Auman's Root Beer

    Picked up this gallon bottle today. Auman's Root Beer Fountain Sirup. Made by Norval L. Auman Illnois. the city on the lable say Galena looks like some of the lettering is missing. Bottle was free. it's dated 1967. trying to find info on the company. I looked up Norval's name. Lived in Galena...

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