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    Harbison Dairy Wooden Milk Crates

    I have two of these. Both in excellent condition. Offers accepted.
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    Anyone Intrested?

    I have a few bottles for sale if anyone is interested. Just send me a message.
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    For Sale 5

    Message me if interested.
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    For Sale 4

    Message me if interested.
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    For Sale 3.

    Message me if interested.
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    For Sale 2

    For Sale 2. Message me if interested.
  7. raybee1981

    For Sale

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    Message me if interested 2

    Here are some more. Message if interested.
  9. raybee1981

    Message me if interested.

    Message me if interested in any of these.
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    Hi there. I can't seem to find anything on this bottle. It's a Heffron Tanner Purity bottle from Syracuse. Anyone have any idea of the value?
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    Advice, please?

    Hi there. Forgive me but I'm rather new at this and I don't wanna be a total "newbie"... But I don't want to rip anyone off or get ripped off myself. Any advice on these would be greatly appreciated. I have done a bit of research myself but there's such varying prices I would like to get...
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    Haig 1.jpg

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