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Recent content by Raypadua

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    Sydenham Glass Co. ( Wallaceburg, Ontario ) Two Coloured - Book Flask

    Bet they’d love to have that in the Wallaceberg museum! Great piece!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    full Pint flask

    So manganese is the culprit for my pink glass! Thanks epackage!
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    Insulator with extra large base and an embossed rectangle - maker and date info?

    Thanks for the info! Do you have any recommendations for an insulator guide book? I collect fruit jars so the Redbook is what I use as my main resource. Thanks! Ray
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    full Pint flask

    Thanks Harry! any idea what would turn glass a peach color or pink? I have some Mid West fruit jars that have turned those subtle hues.
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    Insulator with extra large base and an embossed rectangle - maker and date info?

    Hi there, I just picked up an aqua coloured Insulator with an extra large base and an embossed rectangle - any maker, date and additional info would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ray
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    Queen jar with misspelled word...value?

    absolutely correct jarsnstuff! It is a Widemuth Adjutable jar
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    Anchor Hocking Bottle Book

    Always love picking up these reference books at a good price!!! I actually collect the Fire king Royal Ruby line of dinnerware and have always been on the lookout for the Royal Ruby beer bottle
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    7 up 8 bubble bottle found swimming

    Is the 8 bubble 7-up really rare? I just saw an ad for one near me and the guy was asking $25 for it. Great condition. Value or not?
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    Hiram Walker - Baronial Whisky flask

    Just putting it out there again hoping someone can tell me more about this whisky flask. I can’t find anything referencing “Baronial” whisky by Hiram Walker anywhere. My research skills must be lacking! Is this thing a fake? Thanks for your help! Ray
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    Dr. Dimock's tamarac bitters buffalo new york?

    Thanks for sharing those pic’s as well Leon! I’ll keep my eye out for these bottles now and hopefully stumble upon a local label!
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    New to collecting old bottles... novice questions

    Nice to be able to apply some societal analysis on your finds . Look forward to seeing what else you find as you dig deeper with those Kevlar gloves!
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    Looking for info please---new here

    Did a little digging and there was an Alexander Laundrie 1849 - 1930 who had a son also named Alexander Laundrie 1876 - 1947 from Rouses Point so that could cover A. Laundrie & Son. Maybe some more research into the family members could uncover more! Fantastic looking bottle...nice find...
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    Dr. Dimock's tamarac bitters buffalo new york?

    Thanks Leon! After looking at lots of pic’s online it totally looks like a picnic beer bottle. I did see pic’s of other picnic beer bottles with similar finishes so not just the crown tops. Too bad this didn’t have the original label or embossing...that would’ve been a find

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