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  1. RCO

    last couple days at the 1880's dump

    I'm not that familiar with US coins from the 1880's , think your 5 cent coin is dated 1882 ? value listed is $18 in good condition but worth more if it grades higher , but book I looked thru isn't brand new so prices might not be current
  2. RCO

    end of the line for Tab

    i don't have many tab cans , is some tab bottles that I have this bottle seems to be fairly common as I've found it a few times and also a no deposit bottle which seems to be less common
  3. RCO

    end of the line for Tab

    I'm pretty sure they don't make it anymore in Canada anyways and haven't for some time , only time I ever saw it for sale here was at a variety store that had a lot of US pop in cans
  4. RCO

    end of the line for Tab

    End of the line for once iconic Tab, Coca-Cola decides Author of the article: Postmedia News Publishing date: Oct 19, 2020 • Last Updated 6 hours ago • 1 minute read Coca-Cola is canning Tab, the company’s first diet drink launched in 1963 because it has lost its fizzle amid a shrinking...
  5. RCO

    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    still haven't found a newfoundland seven up bottle but did see a cap on ebay marked seven up eastern ltd st johns . if they had a marked cap pretty sure there'd be a bottle out there , even if they weren't marking the bottles from st johns by this point in time ( the 70's ish ) high likely hood...
  6. RCO

    4 days of digging in downtown Toronto.

    i know there had been a lot of bottles found in downtown Toronto in years past when they build some condo's along the waterfront . didn't realise there was still active digging going on there . I've seen so many Toronto bottles from there , personally be more interested if you find anything from...
  7. RCO

    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    poked around some old highway embankments north of where I live , so was the old highway before new highway was built . found a few things but nothing too exciting bottles included - pepsi from 70's , broken coca cola , stubby pop , clear NDNR broken , some beer bottles - 4 metal beer cans...
  8. RCO

    Todays 1800s dig finds, NY State Hospital bottles?

    I'd assume druggist bottles still traveled a bit back then , Rochester ny isn't that far away from CT
  9. RCO

    Value anyone? Can't pinpoint.

    just a common pepsi bottle maybe a couple dollars no more than $5 , at least it still has colour but is a lot of them around still
  10. RCO

    One For The 'TEEM'

    I've found 2 teem flat top cans this year , one was rusted but the one I found today has a lot of colour . considering it was lying in the woods under some leaves its surprising it still has any original colour to this extent , assuming its from the mid to late 60's as its flat top
  11. RCO

    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    also went back to camp site woodlot , didn't find much but found 2 flat top cans - a teem and a Tahiti treat ( which is pretty much rusted away ) , the teem was just poking thru some leaves , not sure how I spotted it as a lot of the leaves are yellow and nothing else nearby however a lot of...
  12. RCO

    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    went back to main can dump once again to see if anything else was still there , sure enough I filled a bag with stuff , a couple cans I hadn't seen before not much in the way of bottles , a couple modern jars and a clear no deposit bottle cans included - coca cola , pepsi , diet pepsi , 7 up...
  13. RCO

    Rare 1880 J.B. Taylor Harriston Ontario Blob Top Quart Bottle

    Harriston area ? a group of people from there must of traveled there for some reason , maybe a hunt camp or cottage they went to each year
  14. RCO

    Upstate NY dump finds, help with some odd ones.

    I found a modern ( from 2019-20 ) Genesee beer can the other day , it was off a back country road in some trees , I had never seen one before said it was from Rochester NY , don't think its sold here most rusty cans will clean up somewhat but getting tougher each year as they've been outdoors...
  15. RCO

    Rare 1880 J.B. Taylor Harriston Ontario Blob Top Quart Bottle

    what places were any other bottles found nearby from ? manitoulin island is a popular hunting/fishing destination for people from southern Ontario so I suppose some brought bottles with them and left them there

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