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  1. RCO

    Dr J Urquhart - Oakville Ontario Druggist Bottle

    I think plain designs on our druggist bottles was fairly common here , don't really see a lot of pictoral designs on them . a lot also used paper labels so all that's left is plain bottles with no writing on them , at least this bottle has a name
  2. RCO

    All my sodas dont look old at all but i love them

    they look old to me , there all local Indiana bottles except for the Nu grape which was sold everywhere the Bergs is very similar name to Barq's root beer but definitely not related , a unique design for the bottle
  3. RCO

    Kijiji Find....Nice Bottles

    most of the browns bottles from the 40's - 60's era are pretty common but they have a neat look to them , is some older ones which are a lot harder to find , they were around for a long time
  4. RCO

    Dr J Urquhart - Oakville Ontario Druggist Bottle

    some more pictures
  5. RCO

    Dr J Urquhart - Oakville Ontario Druggist Bottle

    found this on the weekend at a small antique store north of Toronto along highway 48 , there is a vendor there who has some bottles , this was the only druggist bottle he had , maybe only one I've ever seen there . its a small clear bottle , older style no real markings on it just says " Dr J...
  6. RCO

    can't find this Canada Dry ....

    I don't have one not even sure I've seen that exact bottle before . I did find a Tahitian treat bottle once but it was the stubby version and foam label had mostly faded off so it wasn't worth keeping . also found a couple cans for this drink but when I find them usually not in great...
  7. RCO

    Barn Find : unknown Root Beer

    I haven't seen the label before , and without a company name or city its hard to determine where it came from ? the green bottle itself is a very common bottle , they were typically used as beer bottles in Canada from the 50's-70's . weren't often used as pop bottles although is soda bottles...
  8. RCO

    Kijiji Find....Nice Bottles

    I'm not sure what year Woodlond used that bottle , I don't think that version is as common as the others have all kinds of those browns bottles , was finding them in the lakes here , most I found in one specific location but found others around various other spots , it was a large bottler and...
  9. RCO

    Kijiji Find....Nice Bottles

    the oldest bottle is the Kayo chocolate , pretty sure I've seen the wishing well bottle before , several different versions which might be slightly different but a fairly common bottle . anything else interesting in the assortment said there was 18 bottles only see 5 so far ?
  10. RCO

    Northland Beverages- Flin Flon, Manitoba

    Flin Flon Manitoba was a booming mining town originally so would make sense that there is bottles from there . don't think I've ever seen anything from this bottler other than the bottles you've posted to this site , don't think I've seen one on ebay or online buy sell sites before seen few...
  11. RCO

    Looking for bottles from the Maritimes

    i don't really have any bottles you'd be interested in , although I find bottles from the east coast interesting . been trying to learn more about them and often see bottles from the east coast online . for its size there is a fair number of different bottles from the east coast I sometimes...
  12. RCO

    Pure Spring Ginger Ale can Ottawa Ontario

    the can I found is a pull top , a date of 1970 would make sense . I've never found any of those cans in the wild , keep an eye out for them though , perhaps one will appear eventually don't even find that many pure spring bottles in the wild here , only ever found a couple swimming and they...
  13. RCO

    Creek Find — Pepsi ACL

    I found a couple pepsi bottles like that last summer , odd one weekend I found 2 of those bottles but in entirely different locations , does seem to still be a fair number of them out there , some are slightly hidden by now sometimes when I find bottles from that era in the wilds , is just a...
  14. RCO

    Pure Spring Ginger Ale can Ottawa Ontario

    book said they used a slightly different name in the 30's-50's Pure Spring co LTD I doubt its rare , just didn't have any Pure Spring cans in my growing display of cans in the garage so I though it be a good way to add one . I think some of the rust might come off , not sure if it look...
  15. RCO

    Pure Spring Ginger Ale can Ottawa Ontario

    on the side of the can says " authority of Pure Spring ( Canada ) LTD Ottawa Canada . my books says that name was being used from 1956 - 1965 , but I think they lasted into the 70's or even 80's if I remember correctly , but my book only goes as far as 1965

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