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    Tell me this isn't the smallest bottle you've ever seen.

    Nice! Here's my smallest dug bottle.
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    tools & equipment for beginners

    I don't go out without decent gloves and a 3-prong hand rake in my dig bag. I also keep a short-handle shovel, spade, and a dirt sifter in the car. Best of luck!
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    BIM mucilage & inkwell

    Dodged the storms to rescue a few items from a late 1880s site. No embossing.
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    Sperm Sewing Machine Oil

    It's been slow this year but happened upon this little whale oil and it cleaned up nice.
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    My Only Open Pontil Is a Slick

    Was culling my slicks and somehow overlooked the base on this one. I dig almost solely 1875 and later stuff, so I never expect to see an open pomtil. Gues this one's a keeper now. lol
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    Fence insulator?

    I find these in my local creek. Suspected they may be insulators, been using them as display pedestals for my bottle/marble collection. PS I do know the item treeguyfred was referring to—I had those on the last house I owned, which was built in the 20s.
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    Rare Hutch? (help)

    Thx Robby. Recently dug a Philly mug-base Hutch rated Rare in Hutchbook, and Ron at HB said they knew examples existed, but mine was the 1st they'd seen. Seems to jibe with 20–40 known. Planeguy2 - congrats on the pickup! There are bargains out there for sure.
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    Can You ID this Lid's Maker?

    Found this fruit jar lid today. It has the following 3 patent dates: PATD JAN 5.75 • REISD JUNE 5.77 • PATD APR 25.82 Any thoughts on brand or maker welcome! Thx
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    Signs of Life

    Went back to the site and rescued this pony beer: BURKHARDT/ PHILADA
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    Hi! Need info about a beautiful inkwell

    Nice sheared lip, pen-rest, ink. I love this design, and have seen English mudlarks & bottle diggers find them regularly. Glasshouses churned these out in quantity (even the sheared lip was a step-saver, no tooling req'd). So there are lots out there.
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    Signs of Life

    Fred – Sorry to hear. Yoiu guys got more snow—and we've had rain lately. It's a muddy mess, but it's navigable. It's definitely slowed me down. Looking forward to spring.
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    Help with Historical Information

    Cool finds! Elsinore Perfume Co. appears in books & industry journals 1903–1910 or so, if that helps.
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    The Lee & Son druggist w/ m&p graphic is a sweet find! Abt 1890 from the looks. GL&HH

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