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Recent content by RelicRaker

  1. RelicRaker

    1870's/80's dump dig

    Wow, nice! Love the turtle inks. Never dug one. The stoneware penny inks I've found occasionally.
  2. RelicRaker

    Mini and wee ones

    Looks like household meds or cosmetics. Murine makes eye drops if that heps. HH
  3. RelicRaker

    Creek walk marbles

    My gritty city creek is rocky and very tough on marbles. Here are today's finds.
  4. RelicRaker

    SF Simes —Philly Druggist

    Thx Sandchip. Yeah it's got nice roll marks from the dump. The embossing is faint, but hey, an 1880 local druggist pictorial doesn't come up often.
  5. RelicRaker

    SF Simes —Philly Druggist

    A small local Rx with mortar & pestle graphic. SF Simes, 20th & Spruce Sts., Philada, Druggist. 1870s
  6. RelicRaker

    B. Satinsky Philadelphia bottle

    Love the design. The neighborhood is among Philly's oldest, very close to the Delaare River waterfront. Atlases from 1895 and 1910 show a soap factory at the site, but several docs from the PA Bureau of Foods and PA Dept of Agriculture list a B. Satinsky as a "soda water maker" in 1912. By...
  7. RelicRaker

    Hit the creek post-Sally today

    Beautiful stamp on that stoneware!
  8. RelicRaker

    Another Late 1800s Hole

    Some detail shots of the Cunningham "picnic quart" from a few posts back... BASE "1893" LIP
  9. RelicRaker

    Another Late 1800s Hole

    And it was face-down when I dug it, so II was expecting a slick—stunned to see so much text.
  10. RelicRaker

    1890s Pickle?

    Looks like the era I dig (1875–1895). Some of these with the narrrow mouths contained salad dressing, chutney, chow-chow, or other thick sauces.
  11. RelicRaker

    Another Late 1800s Hole

    Thx CanadianBottles! Agree abt the Hartley's. lol Pickles
  12. RelicRaker

    Another Late 1800s Hole

    Okay, went back after this morning's rain and found a large BIM embossed "Cunningham & Co / Philada / This Bottle Not To Be Sold" and "1893" on the base.
  13. RelicRaker

    Another Late 1800s Hole

    Another bottle from the site... Tournades Kitchen Bouquet (a seasoning & browning sauce). c. 1890.(?)
  14. RelicRaker

    why would a bottle have a rounded bottom,cannot stand on it's own

    First bottle I found back in 2002 was a slick roundbottom soda. Kind of an ingenious way to ship a carbonated drink in a cork bottle with no bail seal. And as the guys said, some are embossed.
  15. RelicRaker

    Connor & McQuaide squat

    Thx Bottle-bud! Guess that makes mine a porter. Cool to know.

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