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    Some of my Chester PA collection!

    Thank you . I have that particular bottle. THere is a So Chester version that is a little less common thanx for asking
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    G.T. Brownhill, Aston PA HELP!!

    Aston is in Delaware County PA - outside Phila. 1880-1910 or so bottle. Brownhill has a number of bottle variants and types Is it for sale ?
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    Delaware County PA Bottles

    Hi Looking for bottles from Delaware County PA. Chester, Media, Aston,Clifton Heights are just some of the town names thanx
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    WTB Chester County Pa bottles

    HI Shelby - I may be interested in the Greenwood Chester PA bottle
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    Some of my Chester PA collection!

    B King - still have your Chester bottles ? Can you post pics again?
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    Hi Do you have this bottle ? WM Greenwood . I have 4 and might be interested , Here's my...

    Hi Do you have this bottle ? WM Greenwood . I have 4 and might be interested , Here's my website
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    L.H. Scott Porto Rico Hutch

    we dug the same bottle today in Chester PA . in a privy
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Hi Dave Hope you are well. IS the opportunity still there look for the privy on your property ?
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    Looking for embossed bottles Delaware County PA

    Visit my web site. I collect milks, meds, sodas/beers Thanx Ron Fellman
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    New excavation

    Nice Digs RelicRaker. Nice urban digging!
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    The Cross Street Dig

    Hi RelicRaker I have this St Cloud Pharm bottle to trade if you are ready to let the Ardmore med go... The St Cloud is about 5" tall. Thanx Ron
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    1700's Trash Pit

    The Tavern dates to the 1750's so it is possible it is that old
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    1700's Trash Pit

    Digging behind an old tavern. We haven't hit the old glass yet but I did dig what I think is a sharpening stone. Can anyone date it ? thanx
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    Pa milk botte

    It would help if you listed a town or area

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