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    2 Rusty Beer Cans.

    What is the product that can remove that much rust and retain the paint?
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    Early Abandoned House with antiques inside!

    Ya might wanna contact a local museum to hear what they think of saving some of that neat stuff!
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    Rogers Golden Syrup Perfect Seal

    Great looking jar! Side point-> Ever pour hot water on a biscuit for 10-15 seconds and then drain, add your toppings or just cold milk?
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    1938 Dixie-rush acl

    I'd recon t'was at one time or 'nother!
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    Stone hearts.

    Please tell us of the heavy ventilation you use, as I see no slurry marks on the grinder. Would really enjoy seeing your work for many more years!
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    Odd Jug I have not been able to find out much about

    OK, $.02...Diane and I picked up a ceramic fired vessel in Portugal back in 1980 at a local market. It had the larger opening to fill and cork, with the smaller nipple to pour from into one's mouth. I imagine it could be filled with some sort of alcohol to "disinfect" but was primarily used...
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    What is your weirdest find?

    Bohdan best break for you.....try 1-800-God-sees.
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    Special Coke Bottle.

    I do not know if it is a fact that Coca-Cola was originally made with cocaine, if it was bottled with cocaine that would justify the price AND bring out the drug dogs.
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    Digging a river, anyone else have experience?

    Deploy an SMB on an emergency/rapid surface. One can also use an SMB to mark your treasure to recover after bottle change. Nice bottle HP!
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    Confederate Statues or Losing Minds Over History

    Hey, Those so strongly opposed to an image, believing those images must be removed should pause to consider the next individual offended by an image of their religion. To think that a symbol perpetuates and proliferates an ideology, I believe is a grave error. Indoctrination to any way of...
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    Retrieving glass bottles from a hard to reach area

    Fire/Rescue has developed many ideas. Small pontoons on a four legged walker can assist in marsh. Depending on your size, and density of surface, you can adjust pontoons to size. Gallon sized containers, 1 gallon if you send the kids, 5 gallon if you send the misses, 55 gallon if you want the...
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    10ft Dig and All By Yourself/What to do?

    Hey Grit, Be careful of engulfment, wall collapse. If you are going to get serious, protect from rain and rain runoff. Soil density plays an important role in wall slope v depth. A tripod well wheel can aid in debris removal as well as rescue/retrieval if necessary, but must be robust. The...
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    Altered Coca-Cola bottle

    Yes, I agree the error is interesting, back in the day when the drug was used in the recipe might be the reason for the error if the bottle maker was paid in trade. OMG!
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    Altered Coca-Cola bottle

    Never have I thought the bottler would take center stage, I have much to learn about Coca Cola bottles. !!!!!Has anyone ever heard of or seen a bottle with a molded a Coca Coca label?
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    Pre 1900?

    I should be old 'nuf to know better, my knowledge of glass is slight. This bottle was lying half exposed on the bottom of a slope at the SeaBreeze Amusement Park, Rochester, New York. I was directing my wife to back the car up to the slope, as the parking lot was overflowing. Picked up the...

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