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    Contemporary photos of hutches or blobs?

    I asked the same questions in a thread a while back. Someone posted some great responses. Ill try to find
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    Hi. New member from Savannah, GA.

    I new mr. Blatner, sr., bought civil war bullets and medals from him when I was a kid at his antique store downtown
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    Hi. New member from Savannah, GA.

    Better shot. Only surface scuffs otherwise perfect. No idea how it escaped the dozer blade
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    Hi. New member from Savannah, GA.

    Here is a new one from sav
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    Those are great images and information. Thanks for posting and sharing your knowledge
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    Hello From Savannah, Ga

    Ha, I am a bit over run a well. Would sell most but the blobs I have, which are the only ones worth selling
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    That's great, I had googled and failed, thanks
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    Hello From Savannah, Ga

    Sells for 60 or up depending on condition
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    Hello From Savannah, Ga

    That's a try me. Also from savannah have found several of those. Crawling around construction sites not under houses
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    That's a great photo. Thanks for posting
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    Curious to see if anyone has ever seen an old photograph with a blob top style soda actually in a picture from the period. The bottles are captivating to me for their immediate ability to conjure images from the distant past. The are clearly a relic from a different time. But the context of...
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    Original Grateful DEAD poster

    The dead are americana. There isn't a better example of all american generation spanning band.
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    Hello, from LA - that's Los Angeles, not Louisiana

    "I placed a jar in Tennessee And round it was, upon a hill"
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    Chero-cola bottling map

    I have one from mcrae ga, which is telfair county, just below the largest blue colored central Ga eastern blob you have. Upside down pie shaped county
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    Deluca 3-Sided

    Maybe with liquid contents it would have refracted differently and you could read from the other panels? Only bottle like that i know is pinch whisky

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