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Recent content by Rltide55

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    Parson & Stott bottle

    Thank you so much . I really appreciate it
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    Parson & Stott bottle

    Does anyone have any information on a Parson & Stott crown bottle ? Research has yielded absolutely nothing . Thanks
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    Amber Bayer bottle with slanted neck

    Folks, I cannot find any information on this Bayer bottle . Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Co-Co Lime

    James, do you still have this bottle ? Would you be interested in selling it ? Thanks, Rick
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    Need Help Identifying Bottle

    That makes sense . Thank you kindly
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    Need Help Identifying Bottle

    Ok folks, I need some help in identifying this bottle. I first thought it was a thin “cowboy” whiskey flask to keep in the boots but it does not date in the right time frame. It could be medicinal. It is only 3/4” thick and volume wise, holds very little . It is a ABM bottle. The only...
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    NEHI Top of the World

    Thanks for your input John. I follow a lot of your posts on other bottle forums. I have very few Art Deco style bottles but wanted some advice on a possible pick up of a empty NEHI Top of the World. If I run across any Art Deco bottles as I am always on the hunt I will let you know. I will keep...
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    NEHI Top of the World

    Good morning ! I am looking at a NEHI Top of the World deco bottle from Columbus Georgia. At one time it held orange soda on top and green on the bottom globe. It had a patent in 1926. Some sites call it extremely rare, rare and scare. I have never seen one What do you think this possible rare...
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    Try Me Rock

    Thank you so much for the information. With all of my bottles I really like having some history on each one, This is great . thanks again and be blessed Rick
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    Try Me Rock

    I have a Try Me Rock embossed soda bottle. Try Me soda is very common but " Rock " ? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    1938 Dixie-rush acl

    We’re in business from 1930-1947

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