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    I like snuff bottles

    I think it was in 2018 or 2019 but there was on ebay a pontiled snuff that appeared to be 1700s or very early 1800s with partial label intact featuring the "long s" that looks like an f. Anyone recall it? It was cracked but went high, so I think others realized how old it was upon seeing the font.
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    found a mushroom shaped cement type marker can anyone identify what this is?

    I once saw something similar embedded in a very old concrete road as a cross-walk marker. Normally when I find these, they're brass markers denoting who/what/when.
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    Curious about Ebay

    As a seller, that's how I prefer it assuming the item was described correctly and arrived intact. If I got paid for selling an item/service, I want to stay paid. I used my packing materials, tape, and time to ship it to you. There's no way I'm gonna wanna have it come back to me, especially...
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    Sump'n different..Antique Coleman gas lamp.

    Very pretty. Do you have the primer for it, though? The priming device looks like a mini bike pump.
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    Any of these authentically early?

    The two handled examples look very good for being old, but the middle example I'm not so sure on.
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    Towar's Wayne County Creamery's Long Reach as a Chain Dairy

    Do you have info on Lapeer brewing co at all? I've been scouring the online directories and just haven't been turning up much for any of the cities or towns in this county. It's been rather surprising when you consider that my hometown was just as big back then and had 40 different bottlers by...
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    Pre-Pro Chicago Beer Tray

    Bruce, I'm afraid by the time I made this thread I had already relisted it. lol. Robby, thank you. I list things for a couple people as well there.
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    Crack, yes or ?

    It looks like a manufacturing flaw from cooler glass moving in the mould-- hot enough to be somewhat liquid, but cold enough not to have formed perfectly.
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    Pre-Pro Chicago Beer Tray

    I sold this tray a few months ago, but the buyer decided he didn't want it and opened a "not as described" case against me on fleabay. So I lost over $100 USD as I paid outta pocket for the extra shipping cost, signature confirmation, full insurance, and return shipping. It left me very angry to...
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    Towar's Wayne County Creamery's Long Reach as a Chain Dairy

    I was searching for any evidence of bottlers in Lapeer County, Mi, before 1930 when I found that Towar's Wayne County Creamery had operations in Lum and Imlay City, many miles from their headquarters. Surprisingly, I didn't see a reference to them in Lapeer, but I suppose Lapeer County Creamery...
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    Wooden brick mold.

    Very nice. Fire 'em slow in the fire pit. ;)
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    I'm probably going to start political parties on the antique bottles page due to this question. Lol.

    In general, most collectors say it ended at the start of WW1, but recycled glass cullet and stockpiles of manganese would surely have kept it going till 1918 or 1919 in many areas.
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    Cooling a drip or a repair

    Sadly, Red has passed away. But I'm not sure that inner bit would have a notable effect on cooling the glass. Honestly, you really don't want the glass to cool quickly. It must be very slowly cooled and annealed to prevent cracking or fracturing. I'm thinking it may have had a repair to the...
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    Ceramic jug

    Just to clarify, technically any fired earthenware is by definition a ceramic. Normally, it is only archaeologists and potters that call everything a ceramic though: so I understand why many people think calling, say, a jug a ceramic, is incorrect.

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