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Recent content by Robby Raccoon

  1. Robby Raccoon

    Crack, yes or ?

    It looks like a manufacturing flaw from cooler glass moving in the mould-- hot enough to be somewhat liquid, but cold enough not to have formed perfectly.
  2. Robby Raccoon

    Pre-Pro Chicago Beer Tray

    I sold this tray a few months ago, but the buyer decided he didn't want it and opened a "not as described" case against me on fleabay. So I lost over $100 USD as I paid outta pocket for the extra shipping cost, signature confirmation, full insurance, and return shipping. It left me very angry to...
  3. Robby Raccoon

    Towar's Wayne County Creamery's Long Reach as a Chain Dairy

    I was searching for any evidence of bottlers in Lapeer County, Mi, before 1930 when I found that Towar's Wayne County Creamery had operations in Lum and Imlay City, many miles from their headquarters. Surprisingly, I didn't see a reference to them in Lapeer, but I suppose Lapeer County Creamery...
  4. Robby Raccoon

    Wooden brick mold.

    Very nice. Fire 'em slow in the fire pit. ;)
  5. Robby Raccoon

    I'm probably going to start political parties on the antique bottles page due to this question. Lol.

    In general, most collectors say it ended at the start of WW1, but recycled glass cullet and stockpiles of manganese would surely have kept it going till 1918 or 1919 in many areas.
  6. Robby Raccoon

    Cooling a drip or a repair

    Sadly, Red has passed away. But I'm not sure that inner bit would have a notable effect on cooling the glass. Honestly, you really don't want the glass to cool quickly. It must be very slowly cooled and annealed to prevent cracking or fracturing. I'm thinking it may have had a repair to the...
  7. Robby Raccoon

    Ceramic jug

    Just to clarify, technically any fired earthenware is by definition a ceramic. Normally, it is only archaeologists and potters that call everything a ceramic though: so I understand why many people think calling, say, a jug a ceramic, is incorrect.
  8. Robby Raccoon

    On to the next bottle/insulator

    It's due to our high tendency toward instant gratification. We want something new and different but when we get it, we quickly lose the interest or pleasure the item causes. It is then that we want something else to fill the void that is left since we're not happy with what we have or where we...
  9. Robby Raccoon

    Posted this once before never got 100 percent identification...

    Isn't it just a rose water toiletry?
  10. Robby Raccoon

    Holmes Mineral Water

    Sherlock Holmes. ;)
  11. Robby Raccoon


    Looks like the ones they used in the '40s to '60s to replace insulators in high-breakage areas (i'e' where people kept using them for target practice).
  12. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    Most of them, under 80 bucks each. I normally buy them for 40 bucks each. Market is saturated, demand is low.
  13. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    Army Digger, some of them can be quite robust. Roman glassware, which is blown, tends to be frail. But the cast Islamic glassware is very durable. Robby Bobby, Yes, a couple of them were authenticated. The big green one in back had also been professionally reconstructed.
  14. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    There's actually a similar one on ebay right now, but it's cruder and pricey. This example, though reconstructed, is my favorite because of the basket weave pattern. I bought a lot of three just for this bottle then sold the others to pay for it lol.
  15. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    I don't post much anymore because I don't really collect much anymore; but I collected these over a couple years. They're medieval Islamic, one Byzantine, and one unknown in origin. Mostly from the later half of the first millennium. I had a few of them authenticated. Before anyone takes...

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