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Recent content by RoyalRuby

  1. RoyalRuby

    Four new additions.

    Glad to hear that someone likes some of the stuff I post, I question many times if I'm on the right forum, judging by the views and the number of responses, it might be time to create a new forum, yes, I own many very old bottles which seams to be the main interest here, which is understandable...
  2. RoyalRuby

    Four new additions.

  3. RoyalRuby

    Four new additions.

    Yep, I read the same article, which is why I concluded the time period of the bottle.
  4. RoyalRuby

    Four new additions.

    Wated to add, the embossed word "Tech" on the milk is basically the same as was used on the the beer/ale cans and bottle labels from Pittsburgh, Pa. from the same time period (40's/50's).
  5. RoyalRuby

    Four new additions.

    Packie style Carlings Red Cap still full with labels, patent date 1916 Coca-Cola which is more blue than German green, and an early Howell&Smith squat from Buffalo which should date from between 1854-1865, any more info on it would be appreciated. I also picked up a Tech quart milk filled in...
  6. RoyalRuby

    Picked up 2 local milks today

    Cool looking milks.......:).......I happened through an antique shop yesterday that I had been through several months ago where I had found this unique embossed Tech quart milk bottle which was filled in Youngstown about 40 minutes from where I live. At that time when I first found it I took...
  7. RoyalRuby

    Hyde Park Beer Bottles factory sealed from St. Louis Mo. Baught them today.

    There must have been a find of these, one just passed through eBay, without an IRTP statement, it should be pre-pro.
  8. RoyalRuby

    Memorial day small haul.

    The first image is the sellers photo, it was a random listing that I found by chance on FB Marketplace, it ended up being quite an ordeal trying to communicate with the seller, and after many frustrating days and hours of messaging, I was finally able to hook up with the seller, the only bottles...
  9. RoyalRuby

    Todays grabs

    Since the covid thing's been going on, I did a bunch of dump digging and walking some side roads over the last couple months and did very well, it's still far more pleasing to find them rather than buy them.
  10. RoyalRuby

    Embossed Amber Dad’s Root Beer Bottle

    I was in an antique shop yesterday in Alliance, there were at least three, maybe four, complete six packs in their cardboard carriers there with these same bottles you posted about, I didn't see any dates jumping out at me, but I also didn't really look that thoroughly either.
  11. RoyalRuby

    Todays grabs

    The cans were Marketplace finds, yes, that's the flat top version Coke!, the bottles were Antique/thrift finds, I also found two 64oz Lawson's root beer bottles with labels, haven't had a chance to clean them up yet, might get a pic of those up tomorrow.
  12. RoyalRuby

    Embossed Glass Cans/Handys group shot.

    Thought I'd post a pic of my currant Embossed Handys/Glass Cans, these are embossed Handys that would have not had a label of any sort, I have others with smaller embossing near the neck that would use a labels on the main part of the bottle, but didn't want to add those with these, I still...
  13. RoyalRuby

    First first michelob

    The picture you posted does look like the first style used, I had a chance to buy one with labels and cap at a beer can show near me last October, it was only priced at a dollar....lol.....I'm not sure why I didn't buy it at that price and still ask myself that question often, here's a...
  14. RoyalRuby

    Anyone recognize this spirits bottle?

    I think you found it, note the listing I posted a link to on ebay, the last picture of the bottle laying on it's side is a dead ringer to mine.
  15. RoyalRuby

    Anyone recognize this spirits bottle?


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