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Recent content by sandchip

  1. sandchip

    1910-20 Coca Cola Syrup Bottle

    Odd font for that time period. Not questioning the authenticity, just odd.
  2. sandchip

    Odd Insulator, need help with ID.

    The 121.4 is very similar with the same embossing, but being listed between the 121 and 122, I assume it's about the same height, so I would also agree that it's a 120, especially after seeing it sitting beside the larger 121. Good looking piece, Cam.
  3. sandchip

    Loose’ Red Clover Extract Detroit

    Fine looking bottle!
  4. sandchip

    Iron pontilled Mineral Water

    Sometimes the tooling of the top can change the hardness of the surface of the glass, much like turn mold bottles which in my experience seem to be slightly more resistant to staining than non-turn mold. Either that or somebody epoxied the top of another bottle onto a broken one, then ground...
  5. sandchip

    J B Smith’s Hair Invigorator & Restorative

    Never heard of it, but it sure is a nice'un! Thanks for sharing that one with us.
  6. sandchip

    Repo Harrison' pint master ink?

    Ditto that. Beautiful (and authentic) ink.
  7. sandchip

    Iron pontilled Mineral Water

    Great looking bottle with a helluva iron pontil mark. Might send pictures to Tod. There are a few "M"s listed as unknowns on his site, but I didn't see one like yours. http://www.sodasandbeers.com/
  8. sandchip

    Questions About Some Creek Finds

    Don't know what kind of park it is, federal, state, local, etc. or in what state, but picking up anything in a US historic site is a felony, as is doing the same in Georgia state parks. Not scolding you at all. Just don't want you to get hauled off for picking up broken glass. Sounds so...
  9. sandchip

    What is your best non-glass find

    Found the bannerstone 30 years ago and haven't come close to finding anything of that caliber since. Took 45 years of looking the creek to find an undamaged jug. There's got to be more, but I haven't seen another sign like it in 35 years. And after a rainy night, this little scumbag showed up...
  10. sandchip

    Any thoughts on this bottle?

    I've found several of those in the creek through the years, also in olive green, that I always dated to turn of the century as well.
  11. sandchip

    Best find from Goodwill!

    That crate is in great condition!
  12. sandchip

    Added two nice medicines!

    Those are nice additions for the old shelf. Nice buys. Thanks for sharing those with us.
  13. sandchip

    Help dating a blob top bottle without seam

    Nothing much to add other than it being a smooth base, where the hot bottle was held by a snap or sabot while the top was finished.
  14. sandchip

    Help dating a blob top bottle without seam

    If there are no mold lines or "seams" and you're seeing faint horizontal lines, then it was most likely blown in at turn mold and would probably date 1880-1890. More than likely a beer.
  15. sandchip

    Wood & Bennett

    I agree.

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