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Recent content by sandchip

  1. sandchip

    Newton soda

    That's a great looking bottle! Not many sodas with the sided shoulder. The Holmes from NO and the Sammis from Long Island are the only ones that come to mind.
  2. sandchip

    A few more yesterday

    Nice finds. Don't mean to be a spoilsport, but I'm surprised that nobody here has mentioned that it's a bad idea to dig on state or federal land. Either one could land you in jail.
  3. sandchip

    New Coca Cola LED Display Shelf

    Very cool. The Truett's Grill south of Atlanta (Mt. Zion, I think)?
  4. sandchip

    Picked up 6 New Bottles Today.

    Just noticing your new avatar pic. That's a great one!
  5. sandchip

    Stamps Ice & Fuel Hutch

    Very cool embossing. Would like to see better pictures of it though.
  6. sandchip

    Small group of some of my embossed bottles

    Not seeing anything particularly valuable in the bunch. The old Listerine bottles are always cool though.
  7. sandchip

    New Young and Dumb

    It's a bottle, you like it, and you're collecting and that's all that counts. We all got started with that way. Good to have you on board.
  8. sandchip

    New guy with new guy questions

    Looks 1900ish to me. Manganese oxide was used to decolorize the glass, eliminating the greenish tint of soda glass, leaving it clear or colorless. UV exposure over time gives it the amethyst tint, sometimes called SCA (sun colored amethyst). Use of MnO ended when we entered WWI when it was...
  9. sandchip

    1880's violin scroll flask? Salem oak / Jersey devil.

    "Repro" is a much misused term. This scroll flask is not a reproduction, but a modern, albeit hand blown with early methods, fantasy bottle. To be a reproduction, there would have to have been an original blown at an earlier time, which there was not. There are reproductions, adaptations and...
  10. sandchip

    New guy with new guy questions

    Mold lines or "seams" can end before reaching the top on machine made examples of milk bottles dating after 1903. The tops were fire polished to elimate those lines that could possibly give bacteria a place to hide. Milk bottles are one of the rare exceptions to the mold line method of...
  11. sandchip

    Anyone familiar with this type of bottle? Might be mid 19th century, odd top, ribbed, clear

    A good clear shot of the bottom would help. Reminds me of early Pittsburgh glass.
  12. sandchip

    Favorite Jugs

    I agree. Here are mine and Luke's as found. He pretty much knew his was whole, but I had no idea on mine. I figured it would be just a piece, or have a big hole, or be missing the handle like so many through the years, so I was floored when it came out whole.
  13. sandchip

    Favorite Jugs

    Yeah, that ochre is what caught my eye. Very unusual. What a jewel!
  14. sandchip

    Favorite Jugs

    That thing is hellacious. Looks early.

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