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    Long time coming.

    Added these the other day after asking every once in a while for about 20 years. The high shoulder quart completes the set, unless there's another mold out there. Only one I've seen. The hutch was just more gravy for my Americus bottles. Love this hobby!
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    Bought this today from a local Goodwill

    I agree. I wouldn't date it before 1980 and that's probably stretching it.
  3. sandchip

    everyday carry but for digging

    Somebody may've listed it and I missed it, but toilet paper helps in a crack.
  4. sandchip

    Finally got this Straight Sided Coke Bottle. VILLA RICA.

    Great score, Leon. Good for you!
  5. sandchip

    C. W. Merchant Lockport Glass

    That's a fine grouping, Mayhem. Here's my only.
  6. sandchip

    Today’s flea market finds

    Talented mold maker on that hutch.
  7. sandchip

    Grommes & Ulrich

    I don't doubt that it was made there, considering that the top was never ground. Hand blown into a full height blowback mold, then discarded for some reason. Very neat find.
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    Plate of pontiled criers from the untouched city dump. Hoping to go back this weekend.

    I agree. Take plenty of water and be alert to what your body is trying to tell you. The bear will slip up on you in a heartbeat, and he alway wins.
  9. sandchip

    Plate of pontiled criers from the untouched city dump. Hoping to go back this weekend.

    That's crazy, especially the smoky umbrella. Best of luck on your return trip. Gotta be some whole goodies in there.
  10. sandchip

    Fun Dives Finds

    That's a great picture!
  11. sandchip

    Ky Meds

    My only Kentucky medicine, ".S.&.S / Maysville. / Ky." (Seaton & Sharpe, Druggists)
  12. sandchip

    Any Bottles From Towns Or Cities That No Longer Exist Or Are Now Ghost Towns

    That's a nice hutch. I saw a picture years ago of a black glass sealed whiskey from Bayou Sarah.
  13. sandchip


    Very unusual for ABM bottles.
  14. sandchip

    What's the best ketchup bottles

    You nailed it. The Shriver's tops them all.

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