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Recent content by Sarasota941

  1. Sarasota941

    New Straight Side Coke

    Nice find. I was thinking $1 would be the top
  2. Sarasota941

    What’s your best misspelled bottle?

    I would immediately say that the mold wasn't finished on Friday and Monday morning they started again to finish it and forgot they already did the M and squeezed it another one thinking they missed it!! Wow that is clearly the only squeezed in letter as well. Damn new hires never pay attention.
  3. Sarasota941

    What’s your best misspelled bottle?

    Home of Domino's Pizza
  4. Sarasota941

    What’s your best misspelled bottle?

    I wonder if they received a refund on the missing letter.
  5. Sarasota941

    Pricey bottles

    The St. Augustines most expensive dug The E.D. Meyer is probably up there as one of the more expensive soda bottles I have but who knows the value anyways. Enjoy
  6. Sarasota941

    M. Swain C Island mineral water Not sure how old dug up in the 50s

    Very nice bottle. Pretty good one I would say.
  7. Sarasota941

    New- cobalt Riddle

    I disagree. Atleast double that.
  8. Sarasota941

    1930's Beer Can

    O ya. I definitely see the resemblances now. I know you are the can master for sure. You make Frank Fritz look like a rookie! Lol. Seriously though I am interested to see this when you get to fixing her up.
  9. Sarasota941

    1930's Beer Can

    O... I was still scrolling back and forth trying to find the resemblances! Ha.
  10. Sarasota941

    1930's Beer Can

    Honestly I am truly amazed on previous before and after pictures of your cans. Also how the heck can you tell what that can is now. I can't read one letter!! Lol
  11. Sarasota941

    Open pontil Wistars wild cherry error

    This article explains the Wistars name differences but did any other O.P. say this too or a certain year? https://footnotessincethewilderness.wordpress.com/tag/dr-wistars-balsam-of-wild-cherry/
  12. Sarasota941

    Hey Guys. Today is my first day as a member of Antique Bottles!! I collect Coke Bottles and going to exclusively start collecting Coke Hutch Bottles!!

    Welcome to the site and going right to the top is a good way to start! Can't wait to see your pictures.
  13. Sarasota941

    Open pontil Wistars wild cherry error

    Edit: the O.P. is actually ½" shorter than the smooth base. Everything else seems to be the exact same other than the Wistars. Knock off would be interesting.
  14. Sarasota941

    coffee can.

    Thats not coffee its tabacco for pipes.

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