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Recent content by saratogadriver

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    Dr J Urquhart - Oakville Ontario Druggist Bottle

    The guy sure didn't waste any extra money on decoration for his bottle... Jim G
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    Dump Truck Finds

    Open pontil umbrella ink in a light teal. Very nice. The soda is what we call iron pontil and VERY nice. Both 1850s to 1860s. Both exceptional finds.
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    Dump Truck Finds

    In the box you have a sort of umbrella shaped bottle that is probably an older, says 1860s-1870s, umbrella ink. If it has a broken ring of glass on the bottom, called an open pontil, it's more like 1850s to 1860s. Generally speaking the locally embossed medicine bottles have their best value...
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    19th Century Coffee Bottle?

    My Google foo says that Market Place was/still is an address in Hull. I think your bottle may be Hick's and Co, Market Place, Hull. A quick trip through Google didn't find a Hick's and Co. But that's not surprising. Google is much better with modern businesses than with long gone...
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    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    My daughter has a hell of a payday.... At least she knows there is some real value there. Jim G
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    Can anyone tell me the age of this bottle approximately?

    hard to tell who made it as that was a common bottle form at the time. Probably not Whitehall Tatum as they usually have a W.T. mark on the base. Jim G
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    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    Loooks like the last 4 letters of the name that are still on the existing label might be ser's.
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    Tooled Crown Top?

    Yup, you can find early crown tops that were blown with the lip tooled. It's probably pre-abm, so earlier than 1905, but you'd know more if someone could give you info on the brewer. Jim G
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    Looking for any info on this Magnetic Aether op bottle.

    Matt has it listed in his Medicine bottle nexus, so it's a known bottle. He has a pic with label. Hoping I can successfully paste same.
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    Say fifers for finest flavor

    Damn Hemi! How many different beer cans do you have? I thought this was a great rare find when I saw it, but I'm up in New England and have never seen this brand before. Great cans though, such awesome details. Jim G
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    Brooklyn Blobtop Beer Bottle (H. THIMIC)

    They drank a LOT of lager beer in those days, particularly the German immigrant workers. It is a German brewing style after all, so no doubt bier was deliberate. Great old blob beer. is there a book out there somewhere of NYC area brewers pre-prohibition? Jim G
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    Need help identifying time period. Hynson, Westcott....no Dunning

    Blown in mold with tooled lip so likely pre-ABM. To me the form is a little older, say 1890ish. Jim G
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    Inflated scam gallery prices guessing game

    Most of those bottles aren't worth the cost to ship them... Jim G
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    What do I have here? Whiskey?

    The form definitely says beer. Jim G

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