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Recent content by saratogadriver

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    Green Perfume

    Nope. Not a nuked bottle. amethyst, a nastyish purple, a muddy dirty amber. Those are the colors that nuking generally creates. Jim G
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    Tiffany & Allen

    Oh no, amber is definitely NOT just amber. I just picked up an ink from Jeff Noordsy and he has several spectacular and decidedly different amber bottles, including a stunning smaller size whiskey barrel in what his wife calls the color of a brand new penny. He also had an amber flask that...
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    Odd Ink...

    I'm another ink collector who has never seen this one. Agreed not in Covill and I don't think it's in Faulkner 2nd. I'm also guessing something commercial or lab. But that's only a guess. Jim G
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    Am I missing something here?

    The embossing makes a difference, as does the lighter color. Plus, it's a lot different buying from a know auction house vs a potentially unknown seller on ebay. Jim G
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    Tiffany & Allen

    Great color! Great embossing! Jim G
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    Any Bottles From Towns Or Cities That No Longer Exist Or Are Now Ghost Towns

    Mauch Chunk PA bottles show up on here with some frequency. That's now Jim Thorpe PA. And I've seen a couple of Yerba Buena CA bottles, much more familiar as San Francisco. Not exactly ghost towns or out of existence, but definitely names you won't find on the map anymore. Jim G
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    Found this in an abandonned building

    Looks like the 5 gallon plastic bucket began around 1967. It was all metal before that, but there's no good history on the evolution of those buckets that I found with a quick google search. You'd probably have better luck with dating it by hunting down the company name... Jim G
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    What is it?

    Likely a med. Not one I've heard of before. Jim G
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    Thought I found all the nice bottles in the 5 boxes, that I score at an auction- but I found these in there last night.

    The Gilkas don't make big $ but apparently that's a good western whiskey. Congrats! Jim G
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    Got these antique newfie meds

    I can't believe they were still hawking the white pine and tar med that late. That stuff must have tasted nasty. jim G
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    Any of these authentically early?

    I'm guessing all three are hecho a mexico but we need someone who knows his/her midwest glass to say for sure, based on rib count, attachment of handles, type of pontil etc. This just have that mexican glass feel to me based on that pic. Jim G
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    M. Swain C Island mineral water Not sure how old dug up in the 50s

    Bottles with that odd round deposit on the base are what we call iron pontil. That was a form of manufacture used from roughly the 1840s to a little after the civil war. Basically the glass blower had a rod with a fairly big round ball on the end. When he was done with the blow, he'd...
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    My first local druggist Frankfort KY

    Local druggist bottles have mostly local collector value. Sounds like Midway49 is familiar with area values. Some can go for serious coin depending on how rare, how many local collectors, etc. Others can be just a few dollars. You've got some nice age on what you've dug. keep digging...
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    Open pontil Wistars wild cherry error

    Error or rip off of Wistars? Jim G
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    New- cobalt Riddle

    I don't like a cloudy bottle and am usually one to advocate to tumble those. I wouldn't clean this one. It looks great to me. Jim G

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