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    Anyone going to the show tomorrow in Dryden NY ?
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    Green, Newburgh Glass Co. Square bitters Type Bottle

    Mark, Edndlm has a lot of knowledge about Newburgh Glass works bottles... Michael
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    dues payed hit a big double loaded...

    Finding hutches always brings a smile to my face.. Great finds..
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    found 2 older bottles when swimming this weekend

    Always nice finding Locals... great finds
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    Rare Colorado Hutch Soda Found

    SWEET FIND!!!!!!
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    dues payed hit a big double loaded...

    It has been a day?
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    Bottle Picked Sunset

    Great Shot and different selection of glass!!!
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    New members of the Salem NJ family

    Nothing better than adding bottles from your hometown!!! Great stuff..
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    new glass

    Thanks for the comments... yard sales are great!!!!
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    Local seltzer

    Love adding locals !! Congrats..
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    payed up! I think

    nice finds !!!
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    Site acting weird AGAIN?!?!?

    doubled up your post on the demi
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    new glass

    this thing is loaded with potstones & thousands of bubbles

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