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Recent content by slugplate

  1. slugplate

    YouTube Videos

    Thank you, my friend. It's greatly appreciated.
  2. slugplate

    Westinghouse Refrigerator Pitcher

    Excellent looking pitcher, Rich! It reminds me of a 50s style glass and the powder blue glaze is an amazing color.
  3. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    Very true... I can't tell you how excited I was. I thought I struck it rich, lol.
  4. slugplate

    What kind of bottle is this..

    I'm pretty certain it's a common soda bottle.
  5. slugplate

    YouTube Videos

    Hi all, as I mentioned last week I am starting a new YouTube channel under the pseudonym, "Bottle Hawk". I would greatly appreciate if you'd give them a look. Please smash the like button and subscribe as I am trying to build a following. I will be bringing many more videos in the future. I have...
  6. slugplate

    Beers, I think?

    I agree with the others. They are pre-pro beer bottles. More exact dates can be determined if it's machine made or tooled top.
  7. slugplate

    Uranium Glass

    Nice! My shaker needs a more aggressive cleaning approach, your's looks mint. It amazed me how heavy it was for such a small container. Unfortunately, mine does not have a base marking to trace the manufacturer. But, I must admit, both of our shakers look like cousins.
  8. slugplate

    D-126 Pat. 92901 Anchor Hocking Pint Bottle

    "Federal law prohibits..." statements on bottles lists them between '35 - '64. Although it has a pic of a factory and train on the cap, it didn't contain anything industrial (Ammonia and the like). I'm going out on a limb here, but it has me leaning toward a gin bottle.
  9. slugplate

    Your best bottle photo's

    WOW! You got some serious bottles there Wiltshire! Great pix
  10. slugplate

    Uranium Glass

    Thanks Al. Uranium glass is what it sounds like, it has minuscule amounts of uranium to turn the glass that color (it glows in the dark when hit with a blacklight). Much like bottle makers thatusing gold to turn glass red. Both in very small quantities.
  11. slugplate

    Cut Copper Wire For Cleaning Bottles

    Hi all. Some have enquired about cutting copper wire for cleaning the inside of bottles. Here is a brief way to get produce your own copper without having to pay for them. All you need is wire, a razor knife, a wire cutter. Step One - using the razor knife, strip the sheath from the copper wire...
  12. slugplate

    Economy Jar

    Okay, sorry I don't have an Economy top. Mine are Ball bail top glass lids and are green/aqua.
  13. slugplate

    Economy Jar

    What is the diameter of the opening? It looks a bit smaller in pic than a standard canning jar.
  14. slugplate

    Today's Discoveries From The Beach

    Thanks. I have thorn bush scratches all over me from that trek Be that as it may, it's always a pleasure searching and finding artifacts. It's an embossed Borden's that can be mistaken that way due to my poor photography skills.
  15. slugplate

    Too damaged to bring home but worth some photos

    That mug base hutch must have drawn a tear to your eye - not diminishing the others, but I'd praise the day I found a whole one of those. Also, I'd love to find a whole Pond's Bitters too. Anyhow, they are the ones that keep us digging and hunting.

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