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Recent content by slugplate

  1. slugplate

    Super crude and early little bottle and (matching?) dosage/shot glass pontil pair. Possible 18th century or earlier Colonial?

    Got me by the short hairs. The bottle 'appears' to be a flared, rolled lip... hard to tell. It is definitely wonky though. I have two guesses... not American or it's a poorly blown chemical bottle.
  2. slugplate

    Is this a pontil?

    That looks like a Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. I have a couple exactly like yours and it is not pontiled
  3. slugplate

    Eyeballed a Cool Find

    Found this on a bank of a creek. The area it was discovered dates back to late 1600's Dutch Settlers. Of course I know it's not from that time frame, most likely Civil War Era. Not rare, but a sweet example.
  4. slugplate

    Nice 1939 NY World's Fair Glass Bank

    Found this exploring a bottle dump. It was a glass block coin bank with the back broken off... obviously to get the coins. The embossing is amazing and regardless of its current state, it is certainly a keeper.
  5. slugplate

    Perry's Ice Cream?

    Can you show me the lip. It appears it has downward projections from the lip which makes it more modern... 50ish
  6. slugplate

    Milk glass identification

    I've seen quite a few of those here in New Jersey. You are quite right in considering it a cream jar.
  7. slugplate

    Ink Bottle

    I could certainly be a master ink. Not all master inks had pour spouts on the lip. So I'm leaning toward a master ink. As you can see below, no pour spouts.
  8. slugplate

    Detroit Blob Top

    Nice bottle, with very interesting wording. I also like the tool marks around the neck, very cool amber bottle.
  9. slugplate

    Any thoughts on what came in this

    Welcome. It looks like a perfume to me.
  10. slugplate

    2 Cobalt Blue Medicine Bottles.

    Really nice bottles, LEON! Other than MOM's, I have not found an intact cobalt med in 20 years. Since I only dig for my bottles that is. There are some for sale but I guess my ego won't surrender and let me buy one. I guess I just live for the excitement of uncovering one some day.
  11. slugplate

    Small green bottle with grooves on each side.

    I can't be exact, but screw tops, I believe, go back to colonial times. In Europe, I'm thinking it was even before that. However, they did become more popular in the 20s and you'll find tons of bottles with screw tops from the 20s to this day. The color of your bottle is amazing though.
  12. slugplate

    Finally after all these years

    To some collectors that "sickness" is a character builder. However, to some bottle purchasers, it a drawback because they don't want to deal it themselves. If you clean it, demand a higher premium.
  13. slugplate

    HELP! Can this label be saved???

    I've used warm water and it worked just fine. Glues on older labels were usually sparsely applied... especially on return bottles. They stripped the label off of the old bottles, refilled them and applied a new label. It was much cheaper to do it that way than to produce a new bottle each time...
  14. slugplate

    Found my first dump spot!

    That "O So Good" soda bottle is mint! The ACL looks it just came out of the warehouse. That's a real keeper and don't let it go. Condition a big chunk of its value, regardless of the city. You did really well with that one.
  15. slugplate

    Yellow Amber Strap Side Flask—How Rare Are These?

    I've never come across one before. I have clear, aqua and amber. Your bottle, IMHO, is not ordinary. Whomever the manufacturer was, they had to have money. The color of the glass is very telling and they certainly had the confidence to create that color and to be able to sell it. May have been a...

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