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Recent content by Snigl

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    How to find insulators

    Two years ago we took a scenic train ride out of Branson MO on an old track. The entire distance there were poles with dozens of insulators on each one. Whether they are still there or not I haven't a clue, but there were probably over a thousand that we passed.
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    Insulator Display

    I'm not much of a collector, some of the insulators had an "H" on them and some had a diamond, so I just combined them into a single mark. I did go on Ebay and buy some original pegs.
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    Insulator Display

    While rummaging around the attic I found a bag of insulators I got as a kid from a downed pole on our ranch. I thought it was a shame to just leave them in the attic so I made a display stand for some of them.
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    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    A lot of issues with this question. Problem #1 is that Millennials don't collect anything. My kids don't even want the family photo album. Problem #2 is that the group that does collect is getting older and smaller. Every time a major collector dies it dumps a large amount of items on to a...

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