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Recent content by SoCal_bottle

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    Sample bottle?

    Hmm. Ok. Thanks.
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    Sample bottle?

    Any idea what was in it?
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    Just thought I'd share - Suffolk Pig Bitters

    I've had this awhile.
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    Which one is more rare

    Those are awesome!
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    Sample bottle?

    Tiny. Has a number 1 on it's base. Appears BIMAL. Thanks! Dave
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    Anybody have bottle tumbling services?

    It restores the bottles surface and inside by removing a micro layer of glass not noticible to the human eye. It does not disrupt embossing either to my knowledge therefore, I would not imagine it would hurt a bottle but only improve it.
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    Eagle Soda Water and Bottling Co. Santa Cruz, CAL.

    Hi Westerdug Yes, please send pics Dave
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    Kia Commercial with ghost town and antique bottles.

    Thought this was awesome! At 0:07 https://youtu.be/h3okaWSNShM
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    Internal Screw Cap

    Interesting. Thanks
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    Internal Screw Cap

    See them now. You have to go to desktop site, not mobile. What's it's origin?
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    Internal Screw Cap

    I see a paperclip and Attached Images. I see this often but do NOT know how to see images. I use my cell phone only.

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