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    Repairing a hutch blob top

    Yeah, trying to find out price. Hopefully someone here knows.
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    Repairing a hutch blob top

    Can it be done? It's a pretty good chip. Just curious. Thanks.
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    Saw this little guy sitting in the corner of window sill..

    ..of an 1849 building in Petaluma, Cali. covered in dust and an old house fly in it. You can tell it has been there for awhile. $1 In my collection now :) I believe this was lodging at one time. The area is rich in gold rush history. Now an antique store owned by the coolest old couple. He told...
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    What was in this?

    Any idea as to contents?
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    8-sided aqua

    Ink. Thanks!
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    8-sided aqua

    Any idea as to what this contained? Found in a GA privy. Thanks! Dave
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    So Cal digging?

    Thanks man! Let's see if we cannot get a few more members. I am in the San Gabriel Valley btw. Duarte. Would love to hunt with you ;-)
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    What is your price range? I have some poisons. Do you want any? American, English?
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    WTB - 1850's Iron Pontil Ale/porter bottle

    Sarasota, Thanks man. Will consider.
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    WTB - 1850's Iron Pontil Ale/porter bottle

    bottles_inc Definitely interested.
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    So Cal digging?

    Anyone dig around L.A. area or a 100 mile radius?
  12. SoCal_bottle

    WTB - 1850's Iron Pontil Ale/porter bottle

    No damage. Dug ok. Looking at $75 or under. Thanks! Dave
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    how much damage is to much if bottle is a rare one

    "Someone recently posted an Ebay auction on here where an iron pontil soda was bid up to $400 despite being shattered into ten pieces." I saw that auction.
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    Teal green ale/porter. Iron pontil?

    Is this an iron pontil? If not, how was it made? Thanks! Dave
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    Teal green soda?

    I don't think it was ever tumbled. It looks like a scar is their but no iron residue. I will do a closeup and maybe new thread asking about it hopefully tonight. Thanks again man!

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