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    Any diggers in Georgia, South Carolina, or Northern Florida?

    Updating my area to see if anyone in these areas wants to go digging? Updating my prior post with this new one.
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    Any diggers in Marietta OH?

    To be honest, I totally thought the same thing. Does no one want to link up anymore on here?
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    Georgia Diggers?

    Anyone on here still active? If you are, want to link up somewhere in Southeastern Georgia? Chatham County area?
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    Anyone in Southern Georgia (near Savannah)?

    I know I am from California, but I am going to be In Georgia for a couple of weeks near Savannah. Is anyone from there who maybe has a few sites in mind and wants to do a little digging?
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    So Cal digging?

    Could find stuff from the 1910's and 1920's for sure. Stuff from 1890-1900 is possible in some areas. I have a few places in mind.
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    Newbie digger that wants to hunt Ventura and LA counties in Cali!

    Newbie digger that wants to hunt Ventura and LA counties in Cali!
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    So Cal digging?

    If any of you are still active, Id be interested in linking up to do some digging in Oxnard
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    New member from Oxnard/Ventura, CA. Got hooked while digging in Adams County PA while in College!

    Hello there! I'm kind of noob (lol) who happened to get into digging while I was at college in Pennsylvania. I came across a couple of good things like a nice looking Scott's Emulsion which I think is from the 1920's(?). It has the fisherman and fish pictoral design. I joined to see if anyone is...

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