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    Double lip soda?

    Thanks a lot for the link Plumbata! This is the first one I've seen like this. Now I'll have to find a cap for it.
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    Double lip soda?

    Just picked this up today. I thought it was kinda odd. It's a 7 1/2oz soda embossed Frank Jennings Louisiana MO. The lip is what I thought was odd. It's embossed Registered Patented Pride. Unsure what type of closure it had. Any Ideas? Thanks, Steve
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    Root Beer Blob

    I just picked this up at the flea market today. I thought it was unusual due to no brand or city embossed on it. Thanks for any info.
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    GEO. SCHROEDER East St.Louis ILL. beer

    Thanks sunrunner. I wasn't aware of the other cities you mentioned as l only collect St. Louis and surrounding areas. This is the first Illinois Weiss beer for me though. I couldn't find it on Bruce Mobley's web site therefore I'm thinking it maybe a bit scarce.
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    GEO. SCHROEDER East St.Louis ILL. beer

    I picked this up at the flea today. It does have some damage but for $2.00 I wasn't going to leave it there. For now it will sit on my shelf until a better one comes along, after I clean it of coarse. I assume it was a Weiss beer. Common?, Scarce? Rare? Thanks for any info. I did a google search...
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    Dick & Bros. Kansas City, MO. Quart

    Yes, pint size it is. I will be happy to give you first shot at a duplicate, if that ever happens. I didn't even notice the variation at first. Now I will have to check more of my embossed beers. Thanks again. Steve
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    Dick & Bros. Kansas City, MO. Quart

    This one Bruce, it could use a good cleaning though. Steve
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    Dick & Bros. Kansas City, MO. Quart

    That's very interesting Scott, I had no idea they had just a depot in KC. I guess that is the reason for using the word BEER instead of BREWERY...Now I will have to keep an eye out for an embossed Quincy Ill. Bottle. I was very surprised to get this for five dollars in this condition (no cracks...
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    Dick & Bros. Kansas City, MO. Quart

    I recently added this flea market find to the collection. I'm not familiar with KC bottles. Any info appreciated.
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    Odd wine bottle?

    Wow! I appreciate everyones' help. I will pass along this info tomorrow at work. Thanks once again, Steve
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    Odd wine bottle?

    I've been trying to find info on this bottle for a friend. It was his grandfathers. He had just sent me some pictures. I asked him about a seam and he doesn't see one. He would be happy with any info at all. Thanks in advance! Steve
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    That's a Big Boy

    I've never seen that one either. I wish it said St. Charles Mo. on it. Cool bottle though! I do have 28oz. and a 24oz. green Big Boy acls. Steve
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    My Bottle Hunting Plan or As Robert Burns Said

    I agree with Joe! That Circle A bottle is cool also. I have to ask if that is an ABC Beer sign in this picture? (the red and black round one)
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    My latest Missouri ACL additions

    Added a couple more bottles from the flea market today. The B-1 is probably common, unsure about the Pepsi from Willow Springs Mo.? The price was right though.

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