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Recent content by teamballsout

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    Dominion glass Redcliff Alberta 1989 76 years plant workers beer bottles???

    Thanks for the research CanadianBottles never seen them before either. It’s really one of the only reasons I even picked them up to have a look! Was told they came from one of the workers on the bottles! Also got this little press glass ashtray with them.
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    Canadian print 54/67 7UP cookbook and float glass topper

    Thanks iggyworf and yes Canadacan they r pretty minty no water stains or folds only one little corner tear on the back page(ice cream float recipe)of the cookbook! WesternPA hear is the 7UP float recipe from the cookbook and a couple other wacky ones!
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    Dominion glass Redcliff Alberta 1989 76 years plant workers beer bottles???

    Any information about these would be appreciated thanks! D Shift 89 one side workers names other side DOMGLAS CHANGE-CREW 1989 one side workers names other side
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    Canadian print 54/67 7UP cookbook and float glass topper

    Just a couple of weekend finds I thought I would share.
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    Pachal's Beverages - Yorkton Saskatchewan acl bottle

    Thanks! Had to make a little road trip to Yorkton to pick it up actually. The first PACHAL’S plant opened in 1912 thinking the tray is from before 1930 a few other early bottlers used the same tray design around Sask.
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    Early Canadian paper label meds/poison

    Nice med nhpharm also looks like a nice paper label collection u have as well! also thanks for the info Raypadua knew it was an early bottle but didn’t think it was that early. Think I was going off the dates from the second company founded.
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    Pachal's Beverages - Yorkton Saskatchewan acl bottle

    early PACHAL’S soda tray and a later bottle shape from them. The green bottle with the red and the white is the least common of the three but are all decently easy to come by around Yorkton.$5 dollar bottles around that area the early stuff from that company seems to be harder to come by tho...
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    Early Canadian paper label meds/poison

    Just a few bottles I thought I would share. Picked up over the winter and since the thaw. R.M. MITCHELL DRUGGIST AND STATIONER WEYBURN N.W.T. (pre. 1905 Saskatchewan) THE BOLE DRUG CO.,WINNIPEG NATIONAL DRUG & CHEMICAL COMPANY OF CANADA. LIMITED. LABORATORIES MONTREAL. A.D. FERGUSON...
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    Some Saskatchwan Can. Local sodas

    Just a few bottles finally cleaned up for display i have picked up this summer. 12oz.green Regina bottlers ltd., 7oz G&J Watt co.ltd. Regina ACL, 7oz g&j Watt company limited Regina signature script, 8oz Rose Bottling co.ltd. P.A.Sask. mae west style and 7oz Jackson Bottling co.limited Moose Jaw
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    Mountain Dew no deposit no return bottle uncovered

    Ya seems like the Mountain Dew and the Crush International are the harder of the no deposits to come across nice find
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    Canadian diet?orange crush crown cap

    Came across a couple of these sugar free/diet orange crush caps today. I don't recall ever seeing a ACL sugar free/diet orange crush? Was it just bottled in reg crush bottles than capped different.Any info would be appreciated thanks Jason
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    Early Canadian med.?

    First off I'll start by saying hello to the community it's been awhile since I've been on hear. Now to the topic I've had this bottle for a few years now but forgot I even had it till my bro asked me about it the other day. I couldn't tell him nothing really I have never been able to find much...
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    Bottle Dig #2, long video, Drakes Bitters!

    Awesome dig I look every day for you to post a new dig vid and I have not been diseppointed yet! You could be digging shards all vid long for all I care i would still be watching. Helps pass the - 40c it has been up hear the past week! Helps take the digging addiction edge off just a bit lol. I...
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    U.S.A. Bottles for sale in canada pre 1900

    Hope to see some pics if anyone hear purchased any of these bottles thanks! Jason

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