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    Looking to Dig along local Creek

    Just an after thought here.... creeks running through old town sites, near old churches .... sand/gravel piles in creek bends as well as washes / holes. I pulled out a Christmas coke from my home town of Ackerman, Miss. in the middle of a pasture creek under a log where old bricks and rocks had...
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    1870's/80's dump dig

    Wow... super nice. Been a few moons since I been in a good dump site! Now a days I’m relegated to a quick look into a creek bank or walking over a grated work site... or kicking some leaves at an old house site... lol
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    Mississippi soda water bottle

    Howdy DownSouthPhil.... I just noticed this post. I was born and raised in Ackerman and my dad was a mayor there at one time! Yes indeed Ackerman is small but it was founded in 1884 and had 2 railways. I hunted the creeks there and found a lot of stuff over the years. Bottle wise, Ackerman...
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    Looking to Dig along local Creek

    I noted in larger creeks you sometimes will see bottles and glass shards washing out of the side of the bank. I ran into Hutchinson bottles actually sticking out of a bank and knew right where to dig!

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