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    Early Hair Restorer dug at work

    awesome! Great find. The cheaper ones are in amber, thats a really good color there
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    ever dug up any live animals?

    Found and emancipatedpated Punxsutawney Phil on the bank of the Thames in Norwich Connecticut one winter, he was not ready to be freed from his winter rest. We packed himin with leaves, built a tunnel and borrow back around him and buried him back in under a foot or two of dirt. Not sure if he...
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    Construction Site Dig, part 3

    nice digs Taylor, looks like a fun spot!
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    Summer/Winter Flask from NC Civil War Union Camp

    nice flask, it is actually a GX-16, which are sort of scarce, it is a 1/2 pint. I would be interested in it if it is available. check this out - http://www.peachridgeglas...ree-historical-flasks/ What else was in the pit?
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    Sheikh Al-Thani of Qatar has passed away

    it takes more then one bidder to inflate a price, for some reason everything he bid on of mine went through the roof though... so maybe he did do it all? He was a curious character, sorry to hear of his passing
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    luckey to find these umbrellas

    Hey Hunter, do you have any pics of the site? Is it a well, foundation, farm dump, city dump? Just curious as to the context your finding the bottles in. It sounds a bit unusual.
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    luckey to find these umbrellas

    posted twice, I guess I cant delete the reply now though? Only edit?
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    digging in western australia

    the blue top Codd is an amazing piece, blue top, picture embossing and the reverse embossing to boot? Must be a good one!
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    Rough Dump Dig

    keep digging it, you never know with these dumps
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    pontil possibly stoddard and a cool lactart acid of milk

    could very well be Stoddard, I sent you an email. Great find!
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    3 out of state Blobs found in NH farm house!

    they look like they were dug judging from the stain. Possibly an old diggers stash?
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    Last Monday dump dig. Some decent stoneware.

    Steve, the bay is almost 50% filled in. A large portion of this filling was done in 50-60's when the save the bay campaign was started and now filling the bay is frowned upon although it still hasn't stopped completely. After the 1906 earth quake huge tracts of the bay's mud flats were filled...
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    A "normal" wood liner for a change.......

    They will sell for a dollar two at a yard sale, I had to recycle a few some years ago though! lol
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    Big Giant Stone Wall Wells.

    I've never seen anything like those before. Were they wells or some type of storage bins? The shards around the top makes me thing they have been dug but you never know...
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    A "normal" wood liner for a change.......

    man you took those Hood's home?! Egots! lol, looks like a fun dig, that Carter's bottle is sweet!

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