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    Cobalt blob top quart beer

    Thanks for the info guys
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    Rust is a Must!

    Found this cast iron Bridge plaque on a rotting and rusting away Farm Road bridge today
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    I would be interested in knowing agent origin of this car boy that I just got it’s a little nicer than your average one I posted in before 1900 but suspect it could well be after that even though it’s very crude and has a big pencil on the bottom I always think these are probably European in...
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    Cobalt blob top quart beer

    I recently got this bottle not too unusual except for the color it is embossed in slug plate from Dr. hale’s sanitarium Eaton Rapids Michigan Reverse is embossed with the standard this bottle not to be sold it is about 13 inches high and looks to be quart size Can’t find any bottles from Dr...
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    How old is this place?

    That looks like a cellar for sure, and an old one.
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    How old is this place?

    It looks a lot like the boy and girl scout cabins that were built in the 20s and 30s around here. The stone fireplace and lack of a cellar are good indicators of that, at least here in Ohio. Most of the early houses here in Ohio had interior brick chimneys and almost always a cellar.
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    First good "dig" in Columbus! Got my first intact Congress Saratoga, and 2 hutches, Yay!

    Any update on this? A quick look at google earth around columbus shows plenty of woods and riparian areas to explore, though most of them look to have easy access and probably have been picked clean. There is one spot that screams DUMP to me and is somewhat inaccessible due to modern...
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    First good "dig" in Columbus! Got my first intact Congress Saratoga, and 2 hutches, Yay!

    An undug dump like that in Ohio is a VERY rare find. I don't have much experience with the Columbus area, but I have been through most of the undeveloped land and stream valleys between Akron and Cleveland including normally inaccessible areas (through work) and have never come across something...
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    UPDATE WITH PICS Might be digging an old dairy soon....

    Re: Might be digging an old dairy soon.... swamp dumps are best dug in late summer or fall when the water table is lower but if I were you I'd dig it whenever you have the chance. The location near a school suggests to me that it is most likely dug but you never know. Many years ago when I was...
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    UPDATE WITH PICS Might be digging an old dairy soon....

    Re: Might be digging an old dairy soon.... I've dug several dairy dumps, all from very small farm dairies, not big industrial operations. The dumps are always out back somewhere in the woods or wetlands. All of them have lots of milk bottles. They can have every single bottle broken, all with...
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    Getting Rid of the Collection...

    Looks like you have all pop bottles, but if you have a Hazen milk bottle from Alliance, I would be interested
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    metal detector yard find

    I went around some over the weekend, weather permitting. Someone must have busted up a stove and thrown it in the back yard in the distant past, so I got about 5 lbs of cast iron and some misc. other scrap and 4 post 1959 but real copper pennies. Nothing interesting except what looks like an...
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    metal detector yard find

    Thanks for the spelling clarification, lol, I do not have much knowledge of military stuff. The quarter is in amazingly good shape for being in the ground all those years. I haven't found the privy but have a good idea where it probably was. Anyone in the area with probing experience is welcome...
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    metal detector yard find

    I borrowed a cheap metal detector last spring and found a few silver coins, a bunch of modern change, and about 30 pounds of scrap iron and other metal in my yard. It was fun, so I just bought a Fisher F2 detector. Not much I can do with it right now with the snow and ice, but I took it out for...
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    Cast Iron -- Industrial stuff

    I know the industrial stuff is the big thing right now. Most of it is not for me but some of the Victorian cast iron is cool. People around here are for the most part not buying a lot of it except for the dealers who are probably selling it out of state. I've made good money on a few Toledo...

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