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Recent content by Tom smith

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    Hand blown falls city Louisville KY beer bottle

    So from the info, you provided probably about at the oldest 1907.
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    Hand blown falls city Louisville KY beer bottle

    I found this a while ago. Its a hand blow fall city brewing co beer. Im not sure how old it or home much it is worth but it is still a super cool bottle for my personal collection. Thank you Tom smith
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    Very nicely embossed Ewing's dairy products

    Found this a few days ago on the bank of the Ohio River. I can't find this specific bottle online from this company. I believe it to be somewhat turning purple so if it is pre-1918? but that may just be the light tricking me. If anyone knows how old this bottle is or what it could be worth I...
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    Wine of Tar and Hoods sarsaparilla

    just got these two bottles from an antique store. I paid $15 for the wine of tar and I believe it to be 1870s with an applied top. I paid only $10 for the hoods and I think it's 1890s. I don't know a lot about wine of tar and if anyone knows how old it is what it's worth I would really...
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    New sodas to add to the collection

    Here are some new sodas that I have recently added to the collection. I bought all of them except for the Parfay from Louisville which I found. There is a Rivo from Louisville, The Long 10 Bottle from Louisville, Spring Bank Bottling Works from Louisville, Star Boys from Danville Va, soda...
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    The long 10 Bottle Louisville KY

    I found this in a local antique store in the Louisville area. I paid $7.50 for it and it has no damage. I can't find it online at all and if anyone knows anything about it like rarity, price, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tom smith
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    My first local druggist Frankfort KY

    Thank you for your info. I was thinking in that date range.
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    My first local druggist Frankfort KY

    MY goal for 2021 was to dig a local druggist and today I accomplished that. Chapman and Williams druggist and pharmacists Frankfort KY. Does anyone know how rare this could be or the price not that I will ever sell it I can't find it online at all? Here also are some of the other bottles that...
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    I need help with these 2 Artdeco Lousville ky soda bottles

    I paid $7.50 each for them. The long ten bottle the NGB co and Rivo Louisville ky. I can't find either of these bottles online. If anyone knows about these bottles I would love to know their rarity, value. Thank you Tom smith
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    More broken bucket listers

    Found these sticking out of a fallen tree today. Broken yellow bitters applied top. Does anyone know what kind of bitters it would have been? The perfume bottle was also in the same fallen tree. I will continue to post on this thread if I find more.
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    All of the sodas that I own

    Oh yeah, it made my whole year. this hobby is really adicting. I cant wait to dig my first pontiled bottle!
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    All of the sodas that I own

    The Coke is amber straight side From Louisville very early-mid script I found in a local creek. It from 1901-1902 very early. my crown jewel of a collection. I love coke bottles I would love to try to get one from every plant in ky.
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    All of the sodas that I own

    The Coke bottles are Paten office. I know they're not that old but I still love them. One is 1957 date code and the other is 1958.
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    All of the sodas that I own

    Here are all of the embossed sodas that I own. I have found most of them myself. They are in order from oldest to newest. The really dark bottle is my very early Louisville KY amber straight side coke. The 2 hobbleskirts one is from Lexington KY and the other is from Montgomery AL. Tom smith

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