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Recent content by Tony AZ

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    Looks like a beer bottle..so it must Must be a beer bottle ?

    Thanks for the I'd.. Thought it might be a little older than most of what I find here in AZ.. Sent from my LG-M150 using Tapatalk
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    Looks like a beer bottle..so it must Must be a beer bottle ?

    Was digging at a dump the other day.. Not a very productive spot ..often take nothing home with me.. 1930s to 50s type stuff.. Pulled this gold colored bottle out--took it home because I liked the color of it.. Un-embossed has some bubbles in the glass.. Possibly older beer bottle ?? Tony AZ...
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    Lesson learned yesterday,,,, Be careful out there !!

    There luckily was very little glass here unlike other areas i have dug... Rock could have pushed my arm into some glass and cut a artery !!! I was very lucky..
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    Lesson learned yesterday,,,, Be careful out there !!

    So i'm kinda new to bottle digging I've only did it about 10 times w/ limited success...a few things i know like -Don't dig by yourself-- actually have broken this rule a few times-- yesterday being one of those days...:( So yesterday i decided to go do some sifting at an old Railroad site...
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    Today's Privy Dig. July 1st 2018.

    Thanks for sharing' you have the best stories and posts! Tony AZ
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    Decent finds

    Really nice bottles-and they come out of the ground shiny-no so around here in AZ.
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    New bottle dump

    Looks like your finding some older bottles now !!
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    Curious find

    really neat find there Tony Az....
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    Applied top poison

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    Todays Privy Dig.

    Great stuff as usual... thanks for the story and pictures!! Tony AZ.
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    E. Anheuser St. Louis

    That's an awesome find there!
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    Embossed milk

    No numbers on the bottom of this one-but thank you, I will remember that in the future! Tony AZ
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    Embossed milk

    Thanks for the reply , not really a bottle guy but enjoy finding anything them...Tony AZ.
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    Embossed milk

    Found this yesterday metal detecting-any idea how old it is ? It was a ways from home-found in CALIF.. Thanks Tony AZ.:cool:

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